Sunday, 28 March 2021

Project Backlog, Part 8

Silver Tower: Deathrunner

This cunning murderer has been dispatched to the battlefield on a mission of assassination. By poisoned blade and shadow magic does he seek to strike down his mark. With the uncanny ability to appear in two places at once, the Deathrunner flickers impossibly through the smoke and flame of the battlefield. He conceals his advance with clouds of alchemical fume before springing forth to plunge his blades into his victim's unprotected back.

To paint the Deathrunner, I went back to a snippet of lore that appeared in all Warhammer Fantasy Army Books but that seems to have gone from the Age of Sigmar Battletomes. It read:

'Skaven fur ranges in colour, most often shades of brown or piebald. The rank of a ratman can often be distinguished by its fur, as larger specimens tend to be darker. Assassins and Stormvermin are marked by darker shades from brooding browns to jet black'.

And to that, I stuck, contrasting the black body with muted green or brown clothes, dull metal armour and shades of grey for the tail and longer fur.
The yellowish green shine on the blades and armour runes is there to suggest they are laced with warpstone. The brandings on the shoulder and thigh were instead painted with Nihilah Oxide, as if glowing with sourcerous energies.

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