Sunday, 26 December 2021

New Drekport Corps - Part 2

New Drekport Grenadiers - WIP

Repainting my old Necromunda gang to become the New Drekport 5th Irregular Platoon started me on a dangerous road... as soon as I finished repainting them , I wanted to add more units to the New Drekport Corps.
Luckily, I had the Space Marine Scouts from Shadow War: Armageddon still on sprues and a bunch of spare bits from assembling the Irregulars, which I immediately saw as excellent material for some unique Tempestus Scions. Head swaps were a pretty obvious requirement and easy to achieve. Much more complex was turning the Space Marine Scouts' weapons into hot-shot lasguns and special weapons. As I started converting them, I realised I could easily make them into a Kill Team with all optional equipment actually represented on the models.


The Tempestor was among the easiest conversions. Legs, torso and arms are from the basic Scouts, I only replaced the Scout Knife blade with a Catachan sword. The head is from the resin Ibraham Gaunt model.

Tempestus Scion Comms

Legs and torso are again from the basic Scouts, while head and arms are from the Catachan Command Squad. While the right arm and head were always intended for the vox-operator, the left arm was intended to go with a special weapon. I've instead glued an Auspex from the Tactical Marines, linking it to a backpack with a piece of wire. The backpack was done with a trimmed down Space Marine power pack, the aerials from the Sentinel and details shaved off from the targeter of the Space Marine Hunter Killer Missile.

Tempestus Scion Gunner with Grenade Launcher

For this Gunner I used legs, torso and arms with bolter from the basic Scout, carefully cutting away the body of the bolter so that I could replace it with that of a Cadian grenade launcher. The head too is from the Cadian Shock Troopers. Finally I've added krak grenades from both Scout kits to the shoulder pads.

Temptestus Scion Gunner with Hot-shot Volley Gun

Here I've used the kneeling legs and a torso from the Scout Snipers, combined with the heavy bolter arms from the basic Scouts and a Cadian Shock Trooper head. I've clipped away the round magazine and the barrel, replacing the latter with the light suppressor from a Sentinel multilaser. Part of he battery pack from the same multilaser has become the Gunner's backpack, linked to the gun itself with the cable from a sniper rifle I knew I would not use. As a final touch, I've glued a Cadian canteen to hide the flat bit on the legs where the cloak should have been glued.

Tempestus Scion Gunner with Plasma Gun

Like the Gunner with grenade launcher, I've started from a basic Scout, swapping the head for a Cadian Shock Trooper one. Rather than trimming down a bolter, this time I started from a shotgun and spliced it with a plasma pistol.

Tempestus Scion Trooper with Medi-kit

The legs, torso, arms and rifle are from the Scout Snipers, with the silencer and part of the barrel replaced by the tip of a Cadian lasgun with bayonet. The head is again from the Catachan Command Squad. The backback is from the old Scout Bikers kit, the pouches and vials on the shoulder pads from both infantry Scout kits and the vials on the belt from the Freeguild Handgunners.

Tempestus Scion Trooper with Platoon Banner

Again, legs and torso are from the basic Scouts, while head and right arm are from the Catachan Command Squad. The left arm is from the Catachan Jungle Fighters. The hot-shot lasgun is the spare sniper rifle from the Space Marine Scouts with Sniper Rifles, again with the end of the barrel and bayonet from the Cadian Shock Troopers.

Tempestus Scion Trooper with Scion Blade

Like the Tempestor, this was a straightforward conversion: just a Cadian head on a Scout Sniper, the left hand clipped from a basic Scout arm and the top of the rifle from the Cadian kit. The targeter is from the Cadian Heavy Weapon Squad.

Tempestus Scion Troopers with Frag Grenade

Here again the only conversion work are the head and gun barrel swaps, with new bits sourced from the same kits: Catachan Command Squad and Cadian Shock Troopers. As the two bodies are nearly identical, the Catachan head with cap keeps one of the models distinct from the other. On both I've also added frag greades from the Scouts kits.

All models have been based in the same way, using resin and metal details from the old Urban Combat basing kit and a mixture of slate chips and sand.

Tuesday, 14 December 2021

New Drekport Corps - Part 1

The "Hot Heads", 5th Irregulars Platoon

New Drekport's tithe regiments, the New Drekport Corps, sustained heavy casualties in the early stages of the Noctis Aeterna. The fall of Duskhurn and Beloch and the open rebellion of Morrdragor also robbed them of vital supplies. Constantly under siege from both Chaos and Xenos forces, and still cut off from the Imperium Sanctus, Imperial command has resorted to press ganging any civilian owning any sort of fire weapon and forming them into the Irregular company, together with veteran survivors of disbanded units.

Command of the Irregulars has been assigned to Lexar 'Angel Eye' Harrak, a former Commissar that had retired to Finis Sidera and embarked on a successfull career as bounty hunter. Years of fighting alongside Rogue Trader crews and even less savoury companions have though him the value of flexibility in interpeting Imperial rules, though he still thinks that a bolter round in the head is the best way to ensure combat efficiency. Angel Eye's nearly complete disregard for the Commissariat procedures is most notable in his choice of advisor: the extremely skilled but unsanctioned Pyromancer known simply as Yago, one of the dozen or so survivors of the daemonic incursion on Beloch.

As the duo has turned a motley assortment of scumbags into a viable fighting force, Imperial command has systematically overlooked their disregard for military discipline and even went as far as granting Yago a temporary pardon for his unsanctioned use of psychic powers. The Irrregulars, the argument goes, are a key asset in the defence of New Drekport, one that could not be compromised by removing their questionable but effective leaders.

The most recent addition to the Irregulars are the 5th Platoon, led by Izark Denk, a firebrand missionary whose procession of Frateris Militia was stranded from their pilgrimage to Imeria as the Noctis Aeterna descended upon the New Drekport system. Frateris Militia thus form the core of the 5th, reinforced by a few well placed veterans responsible for passing on some military training. Despite those veterans' best efforts, the other members of the 5th Irregulars have not lost their fanatical tendencies, earning themselves the "Hot Heads" moniker for their nearly suicidal attacks.
Rather than trying to curb such tendencies, Angel Eye and Yago exploit them, regularly assigning the Hot Heads to the reclamation of mining and production facilities on New Drekport, so that they could be rebuilt to support the planet defence. This has led them to often fight alongside the Wreckers, a crew working on the rebuilding of reclaimed facilities. To the horror of Enginseers and the tacit approval of Angel Eye, they fit their industrial machinery with heavy weaponry, lending mobile fire support and scouting ahead of the Hot Heads.

This 25 Power Level force of Astra Militarum started life in 2011 or so as a 2nd edition Necromunda gang. They were painted in the same colours as the Fatebenders, my Heretic Astartes Kill Team. After seeing some action in 2017, I kind of forgot about them. Now, with the release of the new Kill Team rules and the Book of the Outcast for Necromunda, I decided to revisit them.

The first thing I did was scratch-building three barricades to complement the objective markers I did in 2011 and have everything needed for Kill Team games. They are pieces of cardboard glued on old square cavalry bases and decorated with etched brass and resin details from an old Urban Combat basing kit. I've painted them to match my urban ruins, which like them were originally imagined as locations on Necromunda, but are now part of the New Drekport System.

I haven't still worked out a gang for Necromunda, but since that was their original function, I'm sure it will be really easy to put one together. The picture above, is the selection of models I will use in games of Kill Team: two well equiped Fire Teams of Astra Militarum Guardsmen.
Like the rest of the models, I've repainted their robes using Contrast paint and some edge highlight over the previous paint job. The originally purple areas were coated in Black Templar and highlighted Eshin Grey. The originally magenta areas were coated in Talassar Blue and highlighted Alaitoc Blue.
Since I was at it, I've also given a wash of Agrax Earthshade to their weapons and Reikland Fleshshade to their skin, which were admitedly badly painted.
They now look a lot better than they did previously and, most importantly, I can now field them against my Heretic Astartes in some solo games. Let's face it, as getting together with friends to play is still hard, I better find other ways of getting my gaming fix.
Stay tuned to see them in action in the new year!

Saturday, 25 September 2021

The Lux Umbra - Part 2

The Zhundak Family

Ekhrim Zhundak is the founder and proud owner of the Zhundak Mine of Gleamdeep. That most of the profits of the mine end up into Nirimos Sylai's coffers matters little to him. He knows he's just one pick strike from uncovering a rich vein of umbralith. "Wait and see..." is what he keeps saying, chewing onto his trusted pipe, to anyone questioning the wisdom of staying in the Lux Umbra.

His firstborn Davvid is in charge of the siftig and selection of the minerals mined by Ekhrim. Stubbornly loyal to his father, he too is sure their hard work will soon be rewarded.

Ekhrim's youngest son, Magnir, is still completing his apprenticeship. That he has not yet been allowed to prospect for umbralith on his own is frustrating him, for Magnir has no doubts that it will be him that will reverse the family fortunes.

The Zhundaks, like Godri Snorrisson, were made using old Night Goblin bodies, arms from the Empire Militia and heads from the Knights of the White Wolf. The mining tools come from an Organ Gun, while the pipe is from the Dwarf Quarrelers.

I've also added more rocky outcrops, done like the previous ones and clusters of crystals carved from sprues, like on the base of the Umbral Slitherling. The walkways are again done with coffe stirrers, cocktail sticks and decorated with banners and bucklers from the Dwarf Quarrelers.

The palette for everything was already well established, so I just had to repeat it.

With the Zhundak family and mine completed, I'm going to call a pause on this project. Between the tunnel walls, the settlement structures, Shattered Dominion objective markers and the mine itself, I have enough to play plenty of games without ever having to repeat the same board configuration.

I'll leave you with a gallery showing everything and all the characters I've made alongside the terrains. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.