Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Tor Megiddo: The Exile, Part 5

The Dark Machine

And from the Notever and the Rustmen did the Purebred turn away, from Eshelon the Rider also parting, for through the Great Flat their road went. And again, for days in the blood-red Light of dusk and dawn, the wild animals of the wastes they hunted and the refuse of the time before the Great Hunger they collected.
And so it was that they came upon a Machine.
Not a great Tor was it, but a wreck twisted and scarred. Puzzled stared at it Mahela, for not mentioned was the Machine in the Book of Da-Ar-Vin nor word was there of it in the Yaike Yaike's many tales. Caution she preached, for always at a price came the Skull-Cog's gifts. And yet, Arun reminded, great was the need of the Purebred, for little they had found over the Great Flat their equipment and truck to sustain with.
Long the Great Father and the Keeper of the Flesh deliberated as the Machine over them loomed. And to those tribesmen that at the Machine looked, figures lite and spindly seemed to appear.
And when finally need trumped caution and Arun his fighters put together, disquiet was over them, for sure they were haunted was the Machine.

The Purebred, Venator Gang - Primary Skills: Brawn & Cunning. Secondary Skills: Combat & Ferocity.

  • Great Father Arun (Hunt Leader, Orlock Legacy): Chainglaive, Shotgun with Solid & Scatter Ammo, Cyber-mastif. Skill: Crushing Blow. +1 Int. Experience: 4 - 235
  • Snapper (Cyber-mastif): Experience: 1 - 100.
  • Warfather Jax (Hunt Champion): Heavy Stubber, Knife, Suspensor. Skill: Overwatch. +1 Int. Experience: 2 - 295
  • Warfather Dez (Hunt Champion): Flamer, Sword, Frag Grenades. Skill: Infiltrate. +1 Int. Experience: 4 - 280
  • Yash the Loyal (Hunter): Laspistol, Chainsword, Krak Grenades. Injuries: Hobbled. Experience: 3 - 130. In recovery.
  • Larg the Tribesman (Hunter): Shotgun with Solid & Scatter Ammo, Knife, Strip Kit. Experience: 5 - 110. In recovery.
  • Kurk the Blemished (Hunter): Laspistol, Sword, Mesh Armour, Bio-booster. Experience: 3 - 130
  • Mahela, Keeper of the Flesh (Rogue Doc) - 50
  • Skar the Prospector (Dome Runner) - 20
  • Servitor Gh-0u1 (Ambot): 2 Tunneling Claws, - 215

  • Stashed Credits: 5

    You can find the rules for the scenario at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-aj9IJqXOWrAc_oNZwJsNfVoR8U3O1ljoN6AZNANTDo/edit?usp=sharing.

    First went Warfather Dez into the Machine, its edges to scout and a way in for the Purebred to find.

    On his same trail followed Great Father Arun and Kurk the Blemished, Snapper at their side growling. Off to another corridor went Warfather Jax, Gh-0u1 his back watching. And all the shadows can feel watching at them.

    With Dez joined Arun's party as a locked door the Warfather tried to open. In a pool of the Machine's blood, scattered laid tech-scrap. And down the other corridor over crumbling plates walked Warfather Jax, for there too tech-scrap laid forgotten.

    Frustrated at the terminal punched Dez, but yeld did the door not. The tech-scrap grabbed Jax and towards Gh-0u1 he carried it.

    Their broad shoulders did Arun and Kurk put to the door and open they forced it.

    In walked Warfather Dez, the tech-scrap grabbing, and out of the Machine's shadows a figure emerged to face him.

    And as if as one alerted, another appeared behind Warfather Jax.

    And through the bullets of Arun and Gh-0ul the figure came, and for the Cog-forsaken they revealed themselves. Hate filled was their cog-chanting for well they remembered the Purebred's offence to their master.

    And with a blade on his back fell Warfather Jax. But to Dez' help came Kurk and together the Cog-forsaken they bested.

    And the tech-scrap grabbed Dez and ahead he darted, an exit hoping to find. But barred was the way and swift on him was another Cog-forsaken.

    Onward stepped Gh-0u1, its gun emptying to protect unconsious Jax and the tech-scrap.

    And firm hold Dez, sparking his sword against the Cog-forsaken blades, while around circled Kurk.

    More tech-scrap found Arun and as he moved it, out of the walls another Cog-forsaken came. Over a rent in the Machine lept it, its blades for the Great Father's heart searching. But to his master's side came Snapper and short fell the blades.

    On the back of the engaged Cog-forsaken charged Kurk and again Dez he rescued.

    And on fought Gh-0u1 and the Cog-forsaken, brutal swings no purchase finding, deft strikes off thick plates glancing.

    And the upper hand got Arun and Snapper, the limp form of their foe deep into the Machine tumbling.

    And to rejoin Arun moved Dez, but again out of the walls a Cog-forsaken came. Deeply its blades cut into Dez' flesh and down they put Snapper.

    And finally through the Cog-forsaken's guard was Gh-0u1, its fists the lite form crushing. To reach the Purebred moved the servitor but sealed were the corridors ahead.

    Forward stepped Great Father Arun, both Kurk's escape to cover and wounded Dez to rescue.

    Roar did the Great Father's chainglaive and fall did the Cog-forsaken and escape did Kurk, with scrap-tech loaded.

    And though gravely wounded, more tech-scrap tried Dez to take away. But appear did another Cog-forsaken and on his back came, his flight halting.

    At the door raged Gh-0u1, but damaged from the combat were its servos and open the door it could not.

    Away turning from Dez, at the Great Father jumped the Cog-forsaken, but on Arun's chainglaive did its charge end.

    Under Gh-0u1's weakened blows eventually fell the door, a narrow walkway over the Machine's darkness revealing.

    But as on the walkway stepped the servitor, behind it a Cog-forsaken landed and on the rents made by its companion it sunked its blades.

    And on him, the eyes of many Cog-forsaken felt Great Father Arun. And though brave he was, foolish he was not. The scrap-tech abandoning, away he slunk down the corridor taken by Kurk.

    Monday, 31 August 2020

    Down wiv da Revulushun! - Part 3

    More Skrapjunkyz, WIP

    I have converted the remaining 7 orks from Shadow War: Armageddon, which brings the Skrapjunkyz to 14 members, a solid Kill Team roster with plenty of choices.

    I've added a Kommando Scout specialist using the Burna Boy head munching on a cigar. I cliped off the circlet were the welding mask should be attached and then covered the damaged area with a greenstuff cap. The pointing arm is made with the only outstreched arm from the boyz kit, with a hand from the old multipart Night Goblins. The binocular in his left hand comes from the Space Marine Scout Snipers with an extra sight attached to it.

    The gun on the back is from the old Space Marine Bike Squadron box, the cutta from the Boyz kit and the pouches from various Imperial kits. And if you think that the model reminds of Sergeant Apone from Aliens, you won't be wrong. Although, I have to be honest, I hadn't planed that. I just realised it once the sculpting was done.

    I've also made two more Kommandos, again done using heads from the Burna Boyz. I gave both of them axes and bayonets on their sluggas, all from the Boyz kit. The axe on the left model comes from the outstretched arm on the Scout, while the slugga on the right model has been slightly tilted, as if hold level while advancing.

    Their backpacks are done again with Imperial pouches, the rolled blankets from the Space Marine Scout Snipers and spades and canisters from Imperial Guard kits.

    These two boyz are the closest rendition of the art that inspired the whole team. Their kustom shootas have barrels from the Sentinel Autocannon and the Land Raider Crusader Hurricane Bolter. I had to file them until the were they same width as the shoota body and then covered the joint with greenstuff, sculpted as wrapping. Each shoota also has an additional magazine: on the right, from on old plastic boltgun. On the left, it's part of the ammo belt from the Heavy Shoota, while the original sickle magazine was glued on the side of the weapon.

    The shoulder plates are from the Boyz kit and the backpacks are greenstuff wrapped around metal wire and cut-off bits. Unlike the ork in the art, they wear helmets, and that's because I wanted to differentiate the Boyz from the Kommandos, none of which wears a helmet.

    And finally, I've made a Boy with Rokkit Launcha and a Burna Boyz. They are both straight out of the box, except that the body of the Burna Boy comes from the Boyz kit. From the front, their bases are hidden by their weapons, so they are the only models that have not received random bits to represent scrap strewn on the battlefield.