Friday, 10 July 2020

Tor Megiddo: The Exile - Part 1


When the Warhammer Community team published the Necomunda solo scenario The Hunt, I had a go with it, using the gang roster for the Purebred as they were at the end of Oil & Blood, our first Tor Megiddo campaign. I took some pictures, thinking of posting a battle report, but then I realised that I had no story to tell.

What had happened after the end of our second campaign, Ferrugo Pass? How had the Purebred stumbled upon GH-0u1? Were they again fighting inside the Couldron or somewhere else?

As I was asking myself these questions and I was re-reading the Necromunda rules, ideas for a solo campaign started to flow, centred around the Purebred journey through the sands of Tor Megiddo after being banished from the Yaike Yaike Elders.

Now I've a story, but I've not yet played the games that will help me tell it. Luckly, just before we all went into lockdown, Saul had left all his terrains and warbands at my place as he was moving house. Needless to say it, everything is still at mine. So, over the next few weeks a new chapter in the Purebred saga will be added to the annals of Tor Megiddo!

You can see the rules and sketch of the story I have developed so far here: I'll re-add the link to future posts, so you can easily follow the rules development and get the scenarios for yourself.

In the meantime, I'll let you feast your eyes on the picture of the Armies on Parade board we collectively entered at the Manchester Warhammer Store in October 2019.

Except for the Ashtown Wasters, which we could not pick up from Ade, and the Slipgibbets, which Saul decided to leave home as they had their 15 minutes of fame on White Dwarf, every one that appeared in our campaigns was crammed on the board!

Dave even made the flying machine especially for the event. I just hope we can soon use it in a full blown campaign!

And, if you were wondering, we racketed up quite a few prizes for it!

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Down wiv da Revulushun! - Part 1

Forces of Orkpreshun

When Saul started to work on his Red Gobbo's Grot Revulushun, we started talking about another Xenos28 campaign, centred around the fights between grots and orks on the world of Badlanding in the Malfactus Rift.
I had the Boyz from Shadow War: Armageddon still on their sprues, but couldn't come up with a theme to convert them. Until I read Psychic Awakening: Saga of the Beast and saw this drawing.

That was all I needed. A gang of scavengers, lugging their loot in overloaded backpacks and sporting kustom shootas fitted the settings and ideas for the campaign brilliantly. Since grots are better at nicking stuff, they should be reminded of who's the boss! And Deathskulls will definetely be at home on a Mek World.

The Boss has a kombi-skorcha based on the big shoota, with a barrel from a regular shoota. The skorcha component is made with a piece of plastic rod and the barrell of a meltagun, plus a bit of wire going to the backpack. The backpack and the head must be from the old Gorkamorka range, but I can't be sure. I don't even know how they ended up in the bits box. The rest of the model is from the Boyz sprue with pouches and grenades from the Sapce Marines.

The Combat Specialist Kommando has the left arm from the old Orruk Boys with a choppa from the Boyz sprue, a really old Space Marine dagger between his teeth and Imperial swords on his back. The bandana is sculpted with Green Stuff.

The Demolition Specialist Kommando is pretty much out of the box, except for the Imperial grenades and the right arm, where I have replaced the axe with the spare land mine. The hat is again greenstuffed.

The Boy Gunner got the barrel I had removed from the Boss' big shoota glued on a regular shoota. I then added the tripod from the Space Marine Scouts' heavy bolter and an additional magazine from the Boyz sprue.

Since orks cannot count past 5, there are 13 bodies but only 11 legs on the Boyz sprue intended to assembe 10 models. Not being one to waste and in the spirit of a propa mek, I paid tribute to the Gorkamorka range and made a Cybork on wheel. The wheel is from the Space Marine Bike, the other bits, I have no idea! It will count as a Veteran Specialist Boy.

Not to waste the other torso, I've repositioned and resculpted the riding legs from the Orruk Boys, so that now I have a kneeling Boy. The backpack is green stuff with pouches from the Space Marines on top of it. The loot inside is made of pieces of wire and the axe handle I removed from the Demolition Kommando.

Finally, I made a gretchin, because where there are revolutionaries there will also be sneaky collaborators. The body is from the old Night Goblins, the head from the old Goblins, the arms with blunderbuss from the old Empire Militia. The gun power pack was removed from a Catachan lasrifle, the sight is from the Space Marines and the gear on his back from the Cadians.

Their characters and stories are still brewing, but they'll be ready by the time they are painted.

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Dark Skies Over the Harrowmark, Part 3

Pecker's Haven, Captain Pecker & Ysh Ma'el

How Gregorius Pecker came into possession of the island that was to take his name, nobody really knows. What all skyfarers of the Harrowmark know is that he and his ghurish monkey, Fetch, are surprsingly good at manning the cannon and swivel gun should a ship refuse to pay Pecker's mooring fees. Many also claim that, in the fumes of the grog that Fetch regularly supplies to its master, the retired captain tells with spite of the great sky beast that took his left hand and leg.
If this story is true, probably only Ysh Ma'el knows. But those that ask him, soon find out that the wizard is half-crazed and the only thing that they can get from him are incoherent mutterings
of impending doom and of ghostly lights surrounding Pecker on the deck of a ship.
So it is that the pirates and sailors of the Harrowmark skies leave the two men alone, happy to at least have a place where warm grog is never in short supply.

Pecker's Haven drifting close to Blackrock

Gregorius Pecker, Fetch and Ysh Ma'el

Marking some hundred or so students' essays absorbed quite a lot of my time, but I got there. My floating island is finally finished!

For the house I went for a palette of greys, rather than the red roof and white walls of John Blanches' paintings appearing in Games Workshop publications. This way, it ties better with Saul's Harrowmark buildings and it remains close to what largely inspired the Harrowmark, Blanche's Voodoo Forest black & white drawings.

Everything else, was painted using the same combination of greys, browns, greens and aged metal.

Finally, I have rebased and touched up the painting on Captain Pecker and the other long term resident of Pecker's Haven, Ysh Ma'el. I made them ages ago, to be a Pit Fighter and Warlock for my Dwarf Pirates, when I used to play them as a Mordheim warband. Since the Dwarf Pirates were repainted to fit into the Free Companies of the Gilded Hand, Pecker and Ysh Ma'el had languished in a box, still on their square bases.

Pecker, being an old metal model, didn't quite fill a 32mm base (my favourites for human-sized models), so I've added the Powder Monkey from the Free Guild Handgunners.

Ysh Ma'el is a Battle Wizard, with the crystal ball swapped for the astrolabe from the same kit, a greenstuff hat and a resculpted sleeve. Funny thing is I can't recall why I resculpted the sleeve...

Now, the question is whether to build a crew for them and make them the central characters for our sky battle (whenever that will be!). The alternative is to keep them as NPCs and instead build a ghostly ship and crew to serve Kalyustar...