Thursday, 21 May 2020

Dark Skies Over the Harrowmark, Part 2

Peker's Haven, WIP

As planned, I've painted the base and built the top of Peker's Haven.

For the base, I've matched the mossy grey and hearty brown palette of Saul's terrains, although my browns are darker than his, and added a touch of green for the foliage hanging from the island. I've also added a further link to the rest of the Harrowmark by writing the names of its two main settlements on the roadsign.

I've hidden the four supports by stretching cotton balls, soaked in a diluted mixture of PVA and grey paint, around them. Once the glue was cured, I drydrushed the cotton with lighter greys, completingthe look of the fog bank.

After painting the details on the sentry box I've added ladders made with string and pieces of toothpicks, again soaked in diluted PVA glue. They'll be painted together with the top of the island.

The top of the island is a base of foamcard of the exact same shape as the one used for the rocky bottom. The jetties are made of skewers and coffee stirrers. On it, I've created a number of small vignettes, using all sorts of bits from the Walls & Fences set, Ogor and old Empire kits, some random skulls, the menhir held by the Gargant and a few slate chips.

The walls and roof of the tower are made of cardboard supported by the last few bits from the Mordheim houses I still had in the bits box. It was then decorated with bits from the more recent, but equally out of production, Empire buildings. The tiles on the corners of the roof are pieces of cocktail straws cut in half.

Once painted, it will be glued on top of the other part. Sooo looking forward to see it coming together!

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Quintus Severus' Retinue - 7

Palatine Patrycja

Patrycja was in charge of a Mission established by the Order of the Sacred Rose among the Ghoul Stars. Located on a remote planetoid some seven light years south-east of New Drekport, their sanctuary was engulfed in the opening of the Malfactus Rift. Patrycja and the Sisters under her command managed to take off on a battered shuttle in an attempt to reach New Drekport. Wave after wave of daemonic horrors breached the ship's warp shields, yet every time the Sisters repelled them, all the while stearing the ship towards the edges of the Rift. It was there, when only Patrycja and a handful of Sisters survived, that they made contact with the Cobalt Snake. Quintus Severus and his retinue boarded the shuttle, the Inquisitor placing the Sisters in psybonds. He was unwilling to execute potential allies in such dire times but all too aware of the risks posed by daemonic taints. At least, that was what he said to Patrycja, the only one to withstand his psyprobes, promising he would do all he could to cleanse her Sisters. As times passes, the Palatine is beginning to suspect that Quintus' motives might be far less noble. Yet, with no proof to challenge his authority, the only course of action left to Patrycja is to fight alongside the Inquisitor.

As a palate cleanser while working on Peker's Haven, I've dug out the Canoness Veridyan model and added it to Quintus Severus' Retinue. The model is so iconic that I didn't want to convert it, but the classic paint scheme didn't really appeal to me, so I painted it in the colours of the Order of the Sacred Rose.

As I was painting her, I've also updated the dirty brick red paint on an old shrine I had, so that it fits alongside my other Imperial ruins.

The fact that the 20th anniversary of Inquisitor is to be celebrated with a global campaign, has, obviously, no bearing in my returning to Quintus Severus' Retinue.