Thursday, 27 June 2019

Tor Megiddo, Ferrugo Pass, Part 8

The Cauldron

And I'll tell thee of the Cauldron. Near to the Gates of Ferrugo Pass the Tor endlessly walked. Over black rocks and red sands, it searched for promethium. As great as a city, over the land its ancient machineries towered. And yet, in ruin laid its industries. And as through Rustmen and rivals fought the Purebred, inside the Cauldron's shadowy corridors, alive came long slumbering systems. And deep within, the God-machine began to cough and splutter and hum.

For the fights inside the Tor, we had decided to use the boards from the Necromunda box. Saul and I spent about three lunch breaks to paint the doors, barricades and crates from the box. Since we were at it, I also assembled a set of Sector Imperialis objectives to have some additional stuff to fight over.

We could have stopped there and just use the siluoettes of the walls printed on the tiles to determine line of sight... but no, we couldn't! Time was short, so rather than scratch building them I looked into 3D printing and 3rd parties' products. After some browsing around, I settled upon the pre-painted Hive Walls by

I was expecting they would need some touching up to bring them in line with our paint work, but they didn't! And there's enough in the set to give walls to all the tiles!
Can't wait for the next campaign chapter to be fought!

Monday, 24 June 2019

Tor Megiddo: Ferrugo Pass, Part 7

The Custodians of the Gate

And though the journey through the Barrens had been long and bloody, at the Gate finally came the Purebred. There the Rustmen stood guard, cog whirring and pistons hissing. And behind them lay the Keys that by sacred words only could be opened. For with invisible forces had the Skull-Cog sealed Ferrugo Pass, where the broken Tors lie.

The First Day

On either side at the Pass mouth the Purebred and Anomaly Protocol advanced, the dusty rocks their shield against each others' weapons.

Forward moved the Rustmen to protect the Keys.

To pledge with Sumpcrawler went Great Father Arun and Mahela. But rage overtook Warfather Dez and he set Snapper on the trail of the Anomaly Protocol.

Hailing the Sentinel, the Anomaly Protocol advanced. But from their fellow servants of the Tors no answer came.

And across the Keys stomped Servitor GH-0u1 and Old Boilerplate, lesser among the Custodians but nonetheless devoted to the Tors behind.

And as GH-0u1 opened fire on the Anomaly Protocol, by the gun of Old Boilerplate was Snapper halted.

And Sumpcrawler heard the pleas of Arun and Mahela. The way through the Keys it opened. But too fast on its mechanical leg he went for the Purebred to follow.

Back turned the Vulture and still stood the Sentinel, their gaze upon Old Boilerplate both turned. And answering the silent order, it opened fire. For Mahela, Arun took a bullet, but strong he was and did not fall.

Up the slopes walked the Sentinel and the Vulture turned to GH-0u1, to send it forth against the Purebred. But crazed with bloodlust was the servitor and at the Anomaly Protocol it kept firing .

And up against Old Boilerplate went the Purebred, for only it now barred their way.

To cover their brethern Decima and Hastun and Gudget stood. And in the crossfire both GH-0u1 and Dez fell.

And as the day drew to a close, into the Keys Daktov spoke the sacred words. Through the Gate was the Anomaly Protocol and back to their camp had the Purebred to return.

The Second Day

Upon sunrise, the tribesmen and Eshelon at his side, with Sumpcrawler again Arun plead.

And proud of their victory on the Barrens, the Disciples of the Black came to the Vulture, them too seeking entrance to Ferrugo Pass.

But across the Keys came the Sentinel, Old Boilerplate and the Dragon at its side, for the way forward to bar.

From Sumpcrawler a stream of sound came. And in it, Eshelon heard the sacred words. Fast he rode for the Keys and with him went Kurk.

Away from Sumpcrawler turned Great Father Arun to strike at the Dragon. Ready was trusted Yash to fight with his chief and not far was Larg.

But devious are the Disciples of the Black, and in the back their sniper shot the Great Father.

At the Dragon Yash and Larg hacked to protect their chieftain. Its metal hide they ruptured, but great was the Rustman's fury. Soon next to Arun they laid.

Over the rocks stomped the major Rustmen and at the Disciples raged Old Boilerplate.

And from shock recovered Kurk to charge at the Dragon and exact revenge.

But this too, the Disciples denied the Purebred. With plasma they took off the Dragon.

Tied in combat was Old Boilerplate as to one Key Lady Meth offered blessed prometheum. And for the Disciples of the Black, the Gate opened.

But unseen across smoke and dust, to the furthest Key came Eshelon. And though greatly they had suffered on that day, did the Purebred cross onto Ferrugo Pass where the broken Tors lie.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

The Void Phoenixes, Part 2

And I'm back to work on my Yinnari Kill Team!
The sources of bits are exactly the same: bodies from the Bloodbowl Elven Union and heads, arms and accessories from the Drukhari and aelf ranges.

Dire Avenger

Dire Avenger

Howling Banshee

Storm Guardian Gunner with Flamer

Guardian Defender

The wings are from Baharrot. I cut them in half so that, once pinned to the back, they looked like the ones on the plastic model. The Mandiblaster was made by glueing the teardrop-shaped part of the Plasma Grenades from the Asuryani Guardians to one of the Elven Union heads with the face mask.

In the bits box there was one Dire Avenger torso, a pair of Kabalite legs without the back bit and the Dark Lance arms. With the barrel of the Dark Lance swapped for the final part of a Bright Lance barrel and a greenstuffed coat, I had a perfect Ranger. However, the body and legs are in 28mm scale, while the Elven Union models are in 32mm. The Ranger looked tiny when next to the other models, hence why I've raised it by modelling some ruins on his base.