Monday, 31 August 2020

Down wiv da Revulushun! - Part 3

More Skrapjunkyz, WIP

I have converted the remaining 7 orks from Shadow War: Armageddon, which brings the Skrapjunkyz to 14 members, a solid Kill Team roster with plenty of choices.

I've added a Kommando Scout specialist using the Burna Boy head munching on a cigar. I cliped off the circlet where the welding mask should be attached and then covered the damaged area with a greenstuff cap. The pointing arm is made with the only outstreched arm from the boyz kit, with a hand from the old multipart Night Goblins. The binocular in his left hand comes from the Space Marine Scout Snipers with an extra sight attached to it.

The gun on the back is from the old Space Marine Bike Squadron box, the cutta from the Boyz kit and the pouches from various Imperial kits. And if you think that the model reminds of Sergeant Apone from Aliens, you won't be wrong. Although, I have to be honest, I hadn't planed that. I just realised it once the sculpting was done.

I've also made two more Kommandos, again done using heads from the Burna Boyz. I gave both of them axes and bayonets on their sluggas, all from the Boyz kit. The axe on the left model comes from the outstretched arm on the Scout, while the slugga on the right model has been slightly tilted, as if hold level while advancing.

Their backpacks are done again with Imperial pouches, the rolled blankets from the Space Marine Scout Snipers and spades and canisters from Imperial Guard kits.

These two boyz are the closest rendition of the art that inspired the whole team. Their kustom shootas have barrels from the Sentinel Autocannon and the Land Raider Crusader Hurricane Bolter. I had to file them until they were they same width as the shoota body and then covered the joint with greenstuff, sculpted as wrapping. Each shoota also has an additional magazine: on the right, from on old plastic boltgun. On the left, it's part of the ammo belt from the Heavy Shoota, while the original sickle magazine was glued on the side of the weapon.

The shoulder plates are from the Boyz kit and the backpacks are greenstuff wrapped around metal wire and cut-off bits. Unlike the ork in the art, they wear helmets, and that's because I wanted to differentiate the Boyz from the Kommandos, none of which wears a helmet.

And finally, I've made a Boy with Rokkit Launcha and a Burna Boyz. They are both straight out of the box, except that the body of the Burna Boy comes from the Boyz kit. From the front, their bases are hidden by their weapons, so they are the only models that have not received random bits to represent scrap strewn on the battlefield.

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Quintus Severus' Retinue - 8

Raymond & Rork

Raymond was part of a Ministorum delegation, en route to join the Hermitarium Lodovicum on Imeria, that had reached Finis Sidera shortly before the opening of the Malfactus Rift. As outbreakes of Gellerpox and daemonic manifestations ravaged the station, Raymond found himself separated from the Ministorum delegation and far from the docks when the Rogue Trader cartel sealed them off. Surrounded by shambling infected, the crusader prayed to the Emperor to take his soul when suddenly a hail of high-calibre bullet cleared a path for him. Sure that the God-Emperor had sent another of His devout servants to fight at his side, Raymond was instead greeted by a hideous mutant. Despite the mutant being barely able to speak, he managed to give his name as Rork and offered to lead Raymond to the docks. And though disgusted, Raymond felt bound to accept, for the wretch had saved his life.
For days the two fought through the bowels of Finis Sidera, and Raymond surmised that Rork had been on the station for a long time, perhaps he was even born there, and served on various Rogue Traders' ships. By the time they reached one of the few still working entrances to the docks, the crusader had to acknowledge that the Emperor worked in mysterious ways. If He had put Rork on his path, he was to work with the mutant.
Together, Raymond and Rork have hired themselves to lead salvage parties in the lost sections of Finis Sidera, hearning quite a reputation for themselves. More recently, as the Cobalt Snake docked with Finis Sidera, the duo has come to the attention of Quintus Severus. The shrewd Inquisitor senses a similar attitude to his own in Raymond and it is only a matter of time until he finds a way to bind the crusader and his mutant crony to his own service.

For a bit of a change, I've rummaged through my bits box and put together these two fellas. Like all the 40k models I do on a whim, they will see tabletop action as part of Quintus Severus' Retinue, hence why I painted Raymond in the same colours as my other crusader, Gerard.

The legs are from an old Fantasy kit, the arms from the Freeguild Greatswords, while the torso and head are from the Space Marine Scouts. The simbol on the Stormcast shield had been clipped off, so I've tried to replicate it when painting the model. It's not great, but it will do. The back of the model was similarly damaged and I've covered the area with pouches from the Sapece Marines Scouts. More pouches helped to hide the rough joint between legs and torso.

Rork is based on the body of a 5th edition Saurus Warrior, with a Ghoul head and Ork arms.

The Saurus body had a large flat area on the chest, where the original head was to be glued. That was sculpted over, continuing the wrinkles in the skin. Finally, I added the scales on the head, joining them with those along the spine. Some more Space Marine pouches completed his look.

Friday, 21 August 2020

New Drekport System: Beloch - Part 2

The Warp Foundries

As Beloch fell to the tide of daemons unleashed by the population's descent into cannibalism, lesser warp entities took residence within many of the hive foundries. Unlike the fully formed daemons of the Greater Gods, these entities are unable to maintain any semblance of a physical appearance for long. Rather, they manifest themselves briefly as ghastly apparitions and corposants flitting around the chimney stacks.
Yet, like all daemons, these entities hate and crave mortal souls in equal measure. Wherever they pass, the metal warps into hands that grasp at the slaves working the furnaces. Constantly they whisper, demanding offers of blood. Many slaves are driven insane and plunge themselves into the furnaces. Others kill their companions and daub runes with their blood to sustain the entities a little longer.
And as the furnaces are lit, it is no longer metal that is melted, but the very souls of mortals. They bubble to the surface screaming their anguish until they are fully consumed and yet another entity emerges from the crucibles.

I sprayed all the terrains with Leadbelcher, then picked up the hazard stripes in Averland Sunset and Skavenblight Dinge and drybrushed and stippled Ulthuan Grey, Hashut Copper and Wazdakka Red on the structures and floring. This was followed by washes of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade and then another round of light drybrushing or stippling on the structures and floring. The hazard stripes were highlighted with Yriel Yellow and Eshin Grey.

The round parts of the Endless Spell were glazed with Nihilak Oxide, washed with Biel-Tan Green, drybrushed with Moot Green all over and then with Flash Gitz Yellow on the most raised parts. The lighting were instead glazed with Lamenters Yellow, washed with Casandora Yellow and drybrushed with Flash Gitz Yellow.

The grasping hands got some smudges of Ulthuan Grey on them while I was stipling the surface around them. Then I painted them with Agarros Dunes, followed by a wash of Athonian Camoshade and then highlights of Ogryn Camo and Flayed One Flesh.

The addition of Typhus Corrosion to the crucible and the chimney stacks completed the worn but still functioning look of the furnaces. Finally, I painted the runes with Blood for the Blood God.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Tor Megiddo: The Exile, Part 4

The Rustmen Moot

And out in the Barrens up to the Purebred rode Eshelon. For many a season along the Purebred the Rider had fought and pleased to see him was Great Father Arun and a halt he ordered to great him.
And of the Rustmen spoke Eshelon, coming down of the Broken Mountains to a moot at the Notever. Great was the excitement among the Purebred, for if the Rustmen's blessing they could get, surely safe their way to the Pit of Sarkon would be.
And to the Rider turned Arun with an offer of precious tech-scrap for him to lead the Purebred to the Notever. Gladly did Eshelon accept the offer, for he knew the moot was guarded and raiding its grounds impossible for him alone. And yet, of this nothing he said to the Purebred.

The Purebred, Venator Gang - Primary Skills: Brawn & Cunning. Secondary Skills: Combat & Ferocity
  • Great Father Arun (Hunt Leader, Orlock Legacy): Chainglaive, Shotgun with Solid & Scatter Ammo, Cyber-mastif. Skill: Crushing Blow. +1 Int. Experience: 2 - 235
  • Snapper (Cyber-mastif): Experience: 1 - 100. In recovery.
  • Warfather Jax (Hunt Champion): Heavy Stubber, Knife, Suspensor. Skill: Overwatch. +1 Int. Experience: 1 - 295
  • Warfather Dez (Hunt Champion): Flamer, Sword, Frag Grenades. Skill: Infiltrate. +1 Int. Experience: 3 - 280
  • Yash the Loyal (Hunter): Laspistol, Chainsword, Krak Grenades. Experience: 1 - 130
  • Larg the Tribesman (Hunter): Shotgun with Solid & Scatter Ammo, Knife, Strip Kit. Experience: 4 - 110
  • Kurk the Blemished (Hunter): Laspistol, Sword, Mesh Armour. Experience: 2 - 95
  • Mahela, Keeper of the Flesh (Rogue Doc) - 50
  • Skar the Prospector (Dome Runner) - 20
  • Stashed Credits: 40. 30 spent to hire Eshelon the Rider (Hive Scum with Autogun, Mesh Armour, Stim-slug Stash)

And to the Notever came the Purebred, there to find the Rustmen, to each other crooning in the Skull-cog language. Between the Vulture and the Sumpcrawler passed the Purebred, Eshelon leading the way.

And while the Vulture Arun beseeched, around spread the Purebred. To search the Sumpcrawler's favour went smart Larg and Warfather Dez and to Old Boilerplate turned loyal Yash. With greedy eyes to the Sentinel turned Eshelon.

And unseen by the Purebred, his grasping hand the Rider stretched out to seize what belonged to the Sentinel. And as so he did from behind the rocks a scream came and on Eshelon frenzied Gh-0u1 fell to protect its masters.

Still burning its rage, towards the Great Father stomped Gh-0u1 but his chainglaive roared and back behind the rocks vanished the frenzied servitor.

And startled the Purebred their weapons around swept, signs of Gh-0u1 searching for.

The Sentinel warily they approached and at its feet upon loyal Yash came Gh-0u1.

And as to the screaming servitor fell Yash, forward came Warfather Dez a grenade to launch.

But unscated from the blast emerged the servitor and again upon the Great Father's roaring chainglaive it run and again it fled from it.

And under the Dragon's watchful eyes Arun pursued the servitor and out of its hiding he flushed it.

And smart Larg was on its path and stand he did for Jax to buy time. And the Warfather's stubber sang and finally pierced Gh-0u1's metal hide was.

But short was Jax's triumph as he too to the rampaging servitor fell. And yet, again Arun swung his chainglaive and purchase it found in the gash by bullets opened.

Again lurking went Gh-0u1 and to drag away the wounded demanded Warfather Dez. But great was now Arun's rage, stoked his hunter's pride and to seek Old Boilerplate's favour he commanded Dez.

But insolently at the Warfather shrugged Old Boilerplate and so to the Sumpcrawler the two men turned.

Rewarded were they as ticked and whirred the Rustman's auto-senses, the cache at its feet to point. And inside it, a cluster of grenades was found.

Carefully around the Purebred moved, taunting Gh-0u1 to come to them. And come did the frenzied servitor, into the cunning trap falling. And all in the blast were caught.

First to raise was the Great Father, but too slow was he Gh-0u1 to stop from crashing upon prone Dez.

Caution throwing aside, charge did Arun and yet Gh-0u1 fell he could not. And wildly stroke back the servitor, the Great Father wounding and pushing back.

And of that opening advantage took Arun, finally to its feet bringing the servitor. But away crawled Gh-0u1 and again up it stood.

And hard the Great Father pressed Gh-0u1 but again failed to wound it and among the rocks went the servitor to hide.

Onto a boulder leapt Arun, his quarry to find. And from behind it came, but wounded its swings were weak though still feel them did the Great Father.

And though in pain grimacing, true stroke Great Father Arun, witnesses the Rustmen as silent fell Gh-0u1.

And Gh-0u1 from the Rustmen claimed Great Father Arun as bonded serf. And grant him his victory rights did the Rustmen, for proudly he had fought.
And as so he did, to Mahela returned the rest of the Purebred, for serious were their wounds. And on death's door stood loyal Yash. But safe back he was brought by the Keeper of the Flesh, though of his leg she had to make an offer to the Rustmen.