Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Ministorum Priest

Some years ago with my gaming group we used to run a large, multiplayer festive game and a Furtive Father Christmas gift giving. It was a Secret Santa thing (why my English friends decided to rename it is still outside the grasp of my Italian brain) where we gave a fully converted and painted model to one of our friends. For Christmas 2013 I had to give my Furtive Father Christmas to Warboss Kurgan. At the time he was working on his Inquisitor Lenk's retinue and the hive-gang know as the Sumptraders. So I decided to contribute to his growing Inquisimunda collection. After a long break from this project, he has just started working again on them, and I thought it was time to show my little part in it: the Ministorum Priest.

The body, head, hand with book and deamon skull on the base come from the Battle Wizard kit. The arms are from the Cadian Infantry while the sword and granades on the belt from the Catacham Command Squad, the purity seal and scrolls are from the Space Marine Tactical Squad. Repositioning the hand to rest on the sword hilt and getting all the right angles there was probaby one of the fiddliest conversions I've ever made, but it was well worth the effort!

The model still needed some extra futuristic wargear, so I chopped the exhaust off of a Space Marine backpack and hang a flamer on it. With the addition of a couple of purity seals, the skull and hourglass from the Empire Flagellants on the other side, the backpack looked suitably 40k-ish to call it done.

What was left then was painting the model to match Warboss Kurgan's style. That took a few subtle questions, disguised as asking for advise on how to paint yellow on some Space Marines I was working at the time, if I don't remeber wrong. I think it worked, as he looked suitably pleased and surprised when he unwrapped his Furtive Father Christmas! I managed to get the right tints, but I tend to keep highilights to a minimum, so Warboss Kurgan is just thiking to add a couple of highlights more. The Inquisition symbol on the book was another clue I wanted to include to show this was not just any Ministorum Priest, but one in the service of Lenk himself.
Who exactly this Priest his, what's his name and how he ended up in Lenk's retinue I leave for Warboss Kurgan to decide.