Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Tor Megiddo: The Exile, Part 6

Blood in the Machine

And in the flickering lights of the Machine regrouped the Purebred. Bloodied and battered they all were, for great had been the fury of the Cog-forsaken. But of Gh-0u1 and Warfather Dez even graver were the wounds and worse, deep in the Machine was Warfather Jax lost. Lost to his tribe he would have been, least an oath swore Great Father Arun that behind no Purebred would be left. Back to the camp he sent Gh-0u1 and Dez, their wounds to tend and loyal Yash to summon. For sure still in ambush laid the Cog-forsaken and needed would be more arms if rescued was Warfather Jax to be.

The Purebred, Venator Gang - Primary Skills: Brawn & Cunning. Secondary Skills: Combat & Ferocity.

  • Great Father Arun (Hunt Leader, Orlock Legacy): Chainglaive, Shotgun with Solid & Scatter Ammo, Cyber-mastif. Skill: Crushing Blow, Lie Low. +1 Int, +1 M. Experience: 0 - 265
  • Snapper (Cyber-mastif): Experience: 2 - 100.
  • Warfather Jax (Hunt Champion): Heavy Stubber, Knife, Suspensor. Skill: Overwatch. +1 Int. Experience: 3 - 295. In recovery
  • Warfather Dez (Hunt Champion): Flamer, Sword, Frag Grenades. Skill: Infiltrate. +1 Int. Experience: 5 - 280. In recovery.
  • Yash the Loyal (Hunter): Laspistol, Chainsword, Krak Grenades. Injuries: Hobbled. Experience: 2 - 130.
  • Larg the Tribesman (Hunter): Shotgun with Solid & Scatter Ammo, Knife, Strip Kit. Experience: 5 - 110.
  • Kurk the Blemished (Hunter, Specialist): Laspistol, Sword, Mesh Armour, Bio-booster. +1 Int. Experience: 0 - 135
  • Mahela, Keeper of the Flesh (Rogue Doc) - 50
  • Skar the Prospector (Dome Runner) - 20
  • Servitor Gh-0u1 (Ambot): 2 Tunneling Claws - 215. Experience: 3. In Recovery.

  • Stashed Credits: 25

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    Still breathing was Warfather Jax and through pain and blood dragged had himself to a chamber were devices hummed.

    And like rabid dogs for him were the Cog-forsaken searching.

    And as the party joined loyal Yash, Arun split it, for swiftly the dark corridors they needed to cover.

    Down a narrow passage he went, Snapper ahead of him sniffing. And forward moved the rest of the Purebred, a door long closed pushing aside.

    And to the Cog-forsaken spoke the Machine, drawing them closer to the door that had been opened. But another barred their way.

    And as he stepped into the room, to Kurk called Warfather Jax in a broken whisper.

    And though swift in were the Purebred as fast were the Cog-forsaken to cross the opposite door. And as facing each other they were, loud the Cog-forsaken blurted in the tongue of the Skull-Cog.

    And to the ominous sound were Arun and Snapper drawn. But too another Cog-forsaken headed the call of its brethern.

    And on Kurk guarding Warfather Jax came a Cog-forsaken, its bladed limbs against the Blemished's blade sparking.

    On the Blemished's flank moved Larg, his shotgun thundering. But through the smoke waded the Cog-forsaken unharmed and the young tribesman's eye took.

    Countercharge did loyal Yash, the youngling to protect and deep into the Cog-forsaken bit the teeth of his chainsword.

    For the device next to him reached Yash and crushing on the third Cog-forsaken came the door, its skittering advance halting.

    Opening the door in front of him, on the staggered Cog-forsaken did Arun unleash Snapper.

    And though valiantly fought Kurk and the Cog-forsaken did wound he, he too fell.

    And into the room stepped the Great Father, his voice booming loud so that firm stood Yash.

    And again the Cog-forsaken spoke in the tongue of the Skull-cog and yet one more of its kind from the darkness emerged.

    Roar did the Purebred's chainblades, flash did the Cog-forsaken's claws and loud did sound Snapper's growl as raged the fight and then on the metal laid the dusthound and another Cog-forsaken.

    And behind the closed door hear could the Purebred the other Cog-forsaken coming.

    And though wounded, over the Cog-forsaken barged Great Father Arun, his example the nerve's of Yash stealing. And as the two regrouped, into the room were the Cog-forsaken.

    To carry Jax away did Arun order loyal Yash while time for them he bought. But great was the Cog-forsaken's fury and unconsious was the Great Father knocked.

    And firing his laspistol away backed Yash, Jax crawling ahead of him for the safety of the sands outside the dark Machine.

    But merely slowed by the fire were the Cog-forsaken. And though one's assault did Yash withstand, fall did he when the other came upon him.

    And just as the Machine he could have escaped, the Cog-forsaken did reach Warfather Jax and rage did they on his wounded body.

    One by one, wounded and maimed, returned the Purebred to their camp. And for the whole night their wounds tended Mahela, but alas even the Keeper of the Flesh save them all could not. Through her metal fingers did slip Kurk's soul, his red blood by the red sands drunk. So it was that though Warfather Jax rejoined the Purebred, grave loss still they suffered. But this is the way of Tor Megiddo, for what is denied to the Machines the Sands can always claim.