New Drekport

New Drekport is a five-planet system, its star located to the galactic north-west of the Ghoul Stars, on the very border of the Ultima Segmentum. Accurately representing its exact location, in a sparsely populated region so far away from the galactic core, has always been difficult for Imperial cartographers. Yet, its location made it perfect for Rogue Traders' expeditions to use it as their final staging post.

The first steps of Imperial colonisation of New Drekport saw the establishment of Finis Sidera, a space station anchored at the edge of the system’s gravitational pull. Explorator Fleets timed their travels so that they would approach New Drekport when Finis Sidera was crossing the portion of its orbit within Imperial space. From there, they then moved to colonise the planets. Similarly, Rogue Traders waited for Finis Sidera to be orbiting the opposite side of the system before sailing into the unknown.

Over the millennia, despite never reaching the technology and exploitation levels seen closer to the galactic core, New Drekport developed into a self-sustaining system. The core-most planets sustained each other and provided the raw and finished resources needed to maintain Finis Sidera operational. On the edge planets, the Astra Militarum established the training grounds for the New Drekport Corps, the tithe regiments demanded by the Adeptus Administratum.

Although nominally under Imperial rule, the system had always been a haven for renegades, xenos and unscrupulous individuals willing to deal with them. Xenarite cells of the Adeptus Mechanicus operated in the area, collecting considerable amounts of xenos technology. Even the New Drekport Corps were known to openly fight alongside mutants and unsanctioned abhumans.

Towards the end of M41, tendrils from Hive Fleet Moloch drifted close to New Drekport, prompting a system-wide mobilisation. Rogue Traders and the Imperial Navy engaged the vanguard bioships in the void of space, attempting to force them back towards the unknown regions of space. The campaign was progressing relatively well when the Noctis Aeterna descended upon the Imperium. With most of its naval assets engaging the Tyranid, the system was already in a vulnerable position and the opening of the Malfactus Rift made the situation even worse.

As Malfactus rages, expanding and contracting, New Drekport is alternatively engulfed by its two prongs and only occasionally rests between them. Yet, even in those times, Renegades from the Carsayon Vortex systematically emerge from the warp storm and attack the system. Ork vessels from Waaagh! Bork, centred around Desperation to the galactic south-east, also ride the warp tides, although their movements are much less predictable.

The convulsions of Malfactus make the movement and deployment of large contingents impossible. Instead, single ships duel in the void and ferry small raiding parties across the system. Finis Sidera is constantly besieged. Xenos and Chaos enclaves have been established on the core planets. The New Drekport Corps struggle to maintain combat efficiency. Of the Imperium Sanctus, nothing is known. As far as they are concerned, the survivors of New Drekport are alone in the galaxy.

The Planets


Status Previo Noctis Aeterna: mining world; tech-level: Low Imperial
The planet is mostly arid, but rich in ore, mineral and fuel deposits. Human population was concentrated around mining, refining and smelting facilities, each a semi-independent unit with its own landing pads to allow for the import of food and equipment and for the export of materials.
Status Post Noctis Aeterna: perdita, Xenos world [sub-cat. Mek World]
The planet fell to vessels from Waaagh! Bork, sent off course when the Malfactus Rift opened. It is now ruled by Ork Meks [cf. ref.: Kogwarp, Bigrig] who renamed it ‘Badlanding’.
Surviving population: 15%
Workers relocated to New Drekport and pressed into non-armed service for the New Drekport Corps.


Status Previo Noctis Aeterna: hive world; tech-level: High Imperial
The hives of Beloch received resources from Duskhurn and processed them to provide the other planets with the required military, mining and agricultural equipment. Ship components were sent to Finis Sidera. A small but permanent Adeptus Mechanicus delegation was stationed on the south pole. Relationship with the planetary governor were often tense, particularly around suspicions of dealings with Xenos [cf. ref.: Xenarites] and about the disappearance of Imperial convoys travelling close to the Omnissiah’s lands.
Status Post Noctis Aeterna: perdita, Chaos stronghold.
At the opening of the Malfactus Rift, the planet was raided by Renegades and shortly after by Xenos, large portions of its population enslaved and taken away. Following the rebellion of Morrdragor and the reduction of fresh food supplies many hives starved. Cases of cannibalism were accompanied by increased psychic manifestations, leading to a major daemonic incursion. The planet fell in a matter of hours.
Surviving Population: 0.005%
The Adeptus Mechanicus garrison staged a fighting retreat and relocated to Imeria. Hive population completely lost. Renegades from the Carsayon Vortex flow in regularly.


Status Previo Noctis Aeterna: agri-world; tech-level: pre-industrial
Despite adopting tools and machinery produced on Beloch, the population of Morrdragor clung to a backward version of the Imperial Faith and to a hyper-conservative feudal organisation. A large class of serfs carved arable land from the vast forests covering the planet and toiled in the stone quarries located on the equatorial mountains. Considerable amounts of food were shipped to the rest of the system, while timber and stone were in high demand on Finis Sidera to embellish the Rogue Traders’ ships.
Status Post Noctis Aeterna: rebel planet, contact lost.
Morrdragor has inexplicably remained untouched by daemonic interference. Orks and Renegades attacks are costly repelled by the Planetary Defence Force. The planetary governor, entrenched in the only space port, refuses contact with the Astra Militarum on New Drekport. Recently, covert operatives sent to remove the rebel governor have disappeared. The final broadcasts from their vid-corders shows seemingly Xenos structures of pitch-black stone pushing out of the ground in the tangled woods.
Surviving population: 80% estimate
Following a spike at the time of the Malfactus Rift opening, psychic energy signatures from the planet have returned to pre-Noctis Aeterna levels and appear to be decreasing.


Status Previo Noctis Aeterna: Death world; tech-level: feral
The planet is fully covered in jungles and home to all manners of vicious predators [cf. ref.: borebeetle; sliterfang; Imerian tiger]. When Imperial colonisers first moved onto the planet, they found a local strain of abhumans, Muryds, fully adapted to life in the jungle. Extremely aggressive and incredibly numerous, they were declared abominatum  by the Adeptus Ministorum. For millenia, missionaries led Frateris Militias into Muryd purges from the Hermitarium Lodovicum. At the same time, the New Drekport Corps used Imeria as training grounds, most of their exercises turning into raids of Muryds nests to press-gang the litters into their Auxilia.
Status Post Noctis Aeterna: unknown
Since the opening of the Malfactus Rift the Muryds have become even more aggressive and have systematically ambushed all scouting parties sent from New Drekport. Contact with the Hermitarium Lodovicum has been lost since the early stages of the Noctis Aeterna. Following their escape from Beloch, the Adeptus Mechanicus garrison has disappeared deep in the jungles and never again made contact with other Imperial survivors.
Surviving population: unknown
It is unclear whether or not Muryds have been subject to Chaos or Xenos incursions and how they fared. Flares of warp energy have been detected around the locations of known Muryd nests.


New Drekport

Status Previo Noctis Aeterna: Fortress world; tech-level: advanced
The planet was the first to be colonised after the construction of Finis Sidera. It saw the immediate establishment of Astra Militarum defensive networks and limited mining, manufacturing and sludge farming facilities. The latter fell into disuse as the core planets were colonised and started to provide resources. The defensive networks were maintained as mustering and training grounds. Imperial Navy vessels were stationed in orbit, ready to move regiments.
Status Post Noctis Aeterna: besieged.
The Militarum and Navy commands are attempting to establish communication with other Imperial forces, so far with no success. Some of the old mining, manufacturing and farming facilities have been re-established, but they remain largely insufficient to produce the required amount of resources. The defence of the system from Chaos and Xenos incursions is increasingly turning into piratical raids on the other planets to secure more materiel and recruits.
Surviving Population: 50%
Pressing the Duskhurn refugees into non-armed service (mining, farming and industrial production) has allowed to redeploy fighting personnel, but the Corps remain woefully understrength. Increased use of mutant and abhuman militias. Increased rate of psychic activity amongst civilian and military population.


Finis Sidera

Status Previo Noctis Aeterna: Space station; tech-level: advanced
Finis Sidera was under the control of a cartel of Rogue Trader families and de facto outside Imperial jurisdiction. Xenos vessels regularly docked with the station to trade and offer their services as mercenaries. Nonetheless, as it hosted the only shipyards in the system, the Imperial Navy also used Finis Sidera to maintain its fleet.
Status Post Noctis Aeterna: besieged
The Rogue Trader cartel has sealed the sections around the docks and shipyards from the rest of the station, leaving the deeper levels to be seized by Xenos and renegades. From those areas, impromptu jetties are emerging to greet monstrous and exotic vessels. Entire sections are completely abandoned, with servitors and machinery malfunctioning and turning aggressive, while mutant horros slither out of refuse dumps and service ducts. Like the Navy and Astra Militarum on New Drekport, the Rogue Traders are sliding ever more into piracy. Rifts within the cartel are quickly descending into open conflict between families and some Rogue Traders have even attacked other Imperial forces.
Surviving Population: 70%.
Increased contacts with Xenos and renegades. Increased rate of psychic activity among all population sectors.

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