Sunday, 21 January 2018

The Malfactus Rift - Part 2

The Plague and the Shadow

She had managed to remain undetected ever since accomplishing her mission. It had been a routine assignment. Infiltrate a mining union on Hathara to eliminate their heretical leader and ensure production quotas, meager as they were, were maintained. Then, the sky had flared purple. Hiding among the miners, she had witnessed the planet plunge into confusion as the warp anomaly cut it from the rest of the Imperium. She lost contact with the recovery ship, her only hope to stay hidden until the storm receeded. When two fiery trails appeared in the sky, she had hoped her troubles were over. Then the Xenos and Heretic Astartas had wrecked havoc across the facility. The few miners that had witnessed the clash were now falling sick, the mark of Chaos on them. She had granted the Emperor's Peace to many, but the Plague was faster then she could ever be. Was there no hope? Would her fall too? A glimmer of light caught her attention. It pulsed, and then consolidated into a green and purple robed figure. She started stalking the new arrival.

"Translation successful, Lord Severus. I can see the miners. They are...tainted" Kasander shielded his mind, yet he still perceived the chorlting of a bloated deity.

"No sign of the Heretics. The Orks are still here. Their powerful!"

The Astropath felt the build up of psy-energy around the Ork Wyrd as the brute shouldered his way through the shambling miners.

Kasander tapped onto the Warp, translating himself away mere seconds before the greenish blast hit the spot were he stood. Sickened miners stared mindlessly at him, the Walking Pox plain to see on their gastly grins.

She saw the Orks growling in frustration as the Astropath reappeared, reading their guns to take the man down. Her training kicked in, revealing her true form.

Kasander heard the commotion. The Orks were fighting something, a blur of black and green. He bent his mind to the Cobalt Snake, only to find the connection with Lord Severus had been severed.

He had to send a signal out, New Drekport had to be warned, the Plague had to be stopped. Carefully, he avoided the Poxwalkers to approach the Hexagrammatic Cogitator he had spotted.

As he reached the machine and projected his mind into its psy-crystals, warning lights flashed. He recoiled, a cloud darkening his Warp-sight. There was a Shadow in the Warp...