Monday, 22 July 2019

Tor Megiddo, Ferrugo Pass, Part 12

Finale: Flight from the Pass

Over the Barrens for days went the Purebred, those that had been left behind slowly rejoining the Tribe. And news they all brought of the Cog-forsaken frenzied spilling out of the Cauldron. But through hidden paths, Eshelon led the Purebred and safe they reached Perishton. Triumphant they entered the shantytown, for they only among all the Yaike Yaike came back with loot and proof of their conquering of the Cauldron. And Great Father Arun was held in awe, for he had bested the fabled Rustking. But for all the glory they could claim, Arun and Mahela knew they were pursued and in council of war they sat.

On the dawn of the fourth day, at the edges of Perishton Eshelon and trusted Yash stood watch, Snapper by the Blemished side.

And against the slanting Light, the Cog-forsaken they saw, to the old refinery coming as if by a beacon called.

Fast from the refinery spread the Cog-forsaken and actinic light flared out of it.

And forward moved trusted Yash and Snapper and back for a moment went the Cog-forsaken.

And yet, to where Arun and Mahela were in council, one managed to slink.

Loud rang the Great Father’s voice as the fight finally broke.

And to protect Mahela, from on high jumped Warfather Jax.

But then as one fought the Cog-forsaken, strong and clear the song of the Skull-cog coming out of them. And Jax and Eshelon fell.

And out of the refinery came the lone para-skitarii, and to flush out their prey his companions moved.

Though Mahela fell screaming, Arun cleared his way out of the encircling Cog-forsaken and onto the shocked skitarii he came.

Snapper and trusted Yash too fell to the frenzied avengers. To Great Father Arun they turned their mechanical eyes and louder hummed their swords.

Yield did not the lone skitarii to the Great Father and soon he was surrendered. And rose and fell the swords, in triumph singing their song of revenge.

And as away stalked the Cog-forsaken, all around humbled Arun gathered the people of Perishton.
Outside in the distance, a dusthound did growl.
And the Red Wind began to howl.

Tor Megiddo: Ferrugo Pass, Part 11

Escape the Cauldron

And as Great Father Arun led the Purebred up into the Cauldron, out on Ferrugo Pass where the broken Tors lie, Mahela sat and read from the Book of Da-Ar-Vin. And in the sacred book she read of the Cog-forsaken, the secret guardians of the Tors and saw the doom that could befell the Purebred. Up through the Cauldron she rushed, in the dark following the marks left by Arun. And then Warfather Dez, trusted Yash and Kurk she found, the throne room of the Rustking sacking.

Alarm bell rang and doors shut closed and off from the rest of the Purebred were Arun and Jax cut. Growled at their side Snapper, as out of the walls crawled the Cauldron’s guardians.

Fast was the Great Father to react and onto the closest Cog-forsaken he charged. And behind him the door opened and Mahela came with the men she had found. And onto their right, Jax and Snapper prepared to bar the way.

Straight at Mahela came another Cog-forsaken and deep cut its singing blades, but not enough to kill. And Kurk rushed forward, the Keeper of the Flesh to protect.

And to the right went trusted Yash, for Warfather Jax had fallen. But the Blemished too was soon overcome.

Painkillers Mahela pumped into Arun’s body and through the Cog-forsaken rampaged the Great Father, the way out of the Cauldron clearing for him and Mahela and Kurk.

And Warfather Dez was to follow them, but then he saw his faithful Snapper fall and rage overcame him. At the Cog-forsaken he rushed, flamer roaring and one of their number he fell.

But crawling on walls at him the other came and into the Cauldron was Dez trapped.

And out into the bright light, in a swirl of red-orange dust, run the Great Father and the Keeper of the Flesh. For great glory they had gathered for the Purebred. But to keep it, back to Perishton they had to go.

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Tor Megiddo: Ferrugo Pass, Part 10

The Heart of the Machine

High into the Cauldron spires around the Rust King gathered his court. For as sick was the King so slowing was the Heart of the Machine. And though of servo-skulls Tarkloth made an offer, that did not lift the spirit of the Rust King. And into a mourning whailing turned the canticles to the Skull-cog for sad were the servants of the Rust King.

Through narrow tunnels and steep stairs had the Purebred ascended till no way led higher. In red lumen bathed they split to search for the riches to be found in the most sacred of the Cauldron chambers.

Out of an ascensorium stepped the Anomaly Protocol, weary of their fight against the Disciples of the Black. And yet, greater was their worry for the Rust King, for in his scanner Ruddle saw the Purebred closing in onto His chambers.

And into the chamber came the Anomaly Protocol, their King to take to safety.

The door opened Dez, Snapper growling at his side and Larg close behind. Flames engulfed the room, but strong was the King's and his servants' armour. Around the hulking King spread the Anomaly Protocol and fire they returned, the Purebred felling.

But then seizures took the sick Rust King. Twich He did and next to Him the Anomaly Protocol repositioned, ready their guns.

The digi-key pushed trusted Yash and behold! There was the Rust King, limp His mechanical limbs. And roaring charged Great Father Arun, for that who kills a King is made king in His stead.

And the fight joined Kurk and Daktov. Wounded was the Blemished, but impervious to blows was the skin of the Rust King.

Back to consciousness jerked the Rust King as fiercer grew the combat around Him. Back to consciousness jerked the Rust King, for Arun's chainglaive to see coming at Him. A chink in the armour did the revving glaive find and in a scream of statics did the Rust King fall.

Quick were the Anomaly Protocol and the King's courtiers to away drag His unconscious form. And in the red penumbra around the Purebred moved skittering figures. In waves out of them, a barely heard keening whistling came.