Sunday, 8 January 2017

Hallow'd Ground - Game 6

The Swarm of Undead

The Realmgate trip to the Necromancer's Mansion had turned into a gruelling affair for Pieter, Ludvig and Jakob. Cast miles away from Wörtbad by the vagaries of magick, for long days they had travelled and fought countless horrors, hoping to rejoin the Church of Sigmar's Retribution in their cleansing of the Harrowmark. When they finally reached Wortbad, their hearts shrunk with despair. The Deadwalkers attacking them bore the clothes of the Militia and Flagellants, Fängomorder's orruks were running rampant, re-killing the revenants with gusto. Of Lothar, Avram and Friederick there was no sign.

The orruks were advancing in a loose formation, Fängmorder at the centre and a clutch of Deadwalkers shambling through the woods on their right flank.

Realising their only hope was to go back to Venythia and return with reinforcements, Pieter order his fellows to abandon the search for survivors and make it for the Haunted Gate.

As the Deadwalkers grasped for the orruk shaman and his grot attendant, Fängmorder and the boyz moved to intercept the Witch Hunters.

Ludvig and Jakob advanced swiftly, the Haunted Gate almost within their reach. Pieter, on the other hand, had to tread carefully as more Deadwalkers emerged from the Rose & Scythe Inn and shambled towards him.

Fängmorder advanced into the graveyard and spotted Jakob through the swirling energies of the Gate.

The Black Orcs smashed through the Deadwalkers that had assaulted the shaman and now advanced towards Pieter.

Ludvig unloaded both his pistols point blank into the crossbow boyz, swiftly turned them and started clubbing the orruks with their reinforced buts.

Jakob levelled his pistol at the incoming orruk warboss and let loose a shot. Then his rapier barely stopped the orruk's hammer.

Surrounded by Deadwalkers, all Pieter could do was felling as much as he could before the Black Orcs were over him.

Through the din of combat and their muttered prayers to Sigmar, a voice as dry as the desert's sands of a long lost world sounded into the three Witch Hunters' heads.

Were you looking for me? it mocked Well...are you ready to serve me now?