Monday, 26 April 2021

New Drekport System: Beloch - Part 5

The Sanguinal Refinery

In order to fuel the Cranic Furnaces, the servants of Khorne have corrupted many Prometheum Forges, their flanks punctured by sharp bone growths and constantly oozing blood. Screaming prisoners are brought to the top, their throats sliced and the gushing vitae poured into the hatches to be mixed with prometheum and daemonic icor. As the refineries churn into action and ruddy smog belches from the vents, the drained bodies are tossed at the feet of the structures. There, to the ringing of brass bells and gongs, their heads are removed, flensed and offered to snarling effiges of the Blood God. And as souls are dragged screaming into the Warp, their headless bodies are carried away to feed the throngs of slaves working the infernal machineries.

For the Sanguinal Refinery I've again used a texture made with coffe grounds and PVA glue. This time, I've generously smeared it across the sides of the structure rather than applying it in long strings. I've also added some tusks from the Mournfang Pack kit to the sides of the pipe and half Malevolent Maelstrom to the base, hiding the joint with skulls.

The Ironguts banner top has exactly the same diameter as the large vents on the Sector Mechanicus range and once painted as brass is a perfect Khornate symbol. The addition of more bloodied skulls piled around the base of the Refinery complement those in the jaws of the symbol. A few chains, bells, banner tops and gongs fished from my bits box completed the desecration of the Refinery.

The colour scheme is exactly the same as that of the Cranic Furnace, although the texture was finished with a generous coating of Blood For The Blood God rather than a drybrush of Cadian Fleshtone, giving the feeling of fresh blood rather than scabbing tissue. I've also stippled Blood For the Blood God all over the platform and have been more generous with the amounts leaking from the pipes. The Malevolent Maelstrom was drybrushed from bright yellow to red, rather than in the greens I've used on the Warp Foundries, to better fit the Khornate theme.

The Sanguinal refinery is, in fact, two smaller pieces of terrain, allowing for plenty of flexibility in how it can be combined with the Cranic Furnace and the Warp Foundries.