Saturday, 9 January 2021

Tor Megiddo: The Exile, Part 7

Dez's Gambit

And upon the Pit of Sarkon finally came the Purebred. Down onto it and upon its pipes and vat-tower did their gaze linger with desire, for long and bloodied their exile had been. But upon them came gloom as figures within the structures moving they saw. To salvage and reclaim had Gamma-Delta-Mu-10 an Anomaly Protocol patrol led to the Pit of Sarkon. Well armed the servants of the Skull-Cog were and still from their wounds at the blades of the Cog-forsaken most of Purebread recovering and for a fight unfit. But then spoke Warfather Dez, pledging Gh-0u1 with him to take and the Pit of Sarkon to storm. To him turned Great Father Arun and Mahela, his pledge accepting but still caution preaching. To gauge their strength and to disrupt the Anomaly Protocol was he, not more of the Purebred's few resources to squander.

The Purebred, Venator Gang - Primary Skills: Brawn & Cunning. Secondary Skills: Combat & Ferocity.

  • Great Father Arun (Hunt Leader, Orlock Legacy): Chainglaive, Shotgun with Solid & Scatter Ammo, Cyber-mastif. Skill: Crushing Blow, Lie Low. +1 Int, +1 M. Experience: 3 - 265. In Recovery.
  • Snapper (Cyber-mastif): Experience: 3 - 100. In Recovery.
  • Warfather Jax (Hunt Champion): Heavy Stubber, Knife, Suspensor. Skill: Overwatch. +1 Int. Experience: 4 - 295. In Recovery.
  • Warfather Dez (Hunt Champion): Flamer, Sword, Frag Grenades. Skill: Infiltrate. +1 Int. Experience: 5 - 280.
  • Yash the Loyal (Hunter): Laspistol, Chainsword, Krak Grenades. Injuries: Hobbled. Experience: 7 - 130. In recovery.
  • Larg the Tribesman (Hunter): Shotgun with Solid & Scatter Ammo, Knife, Strip Kit. Injuries: Blind in one eye. Experience: 6 - 110. In Recovery.
  • Kurk the Blemished (Hunter, Specialist): DEAD
  • Mahela, Keeper of the Flesh (Rogue Doc) - 50
  • Skar the Prospector (Dome Runner) - 20
  • Servitor Gh-0u1 (Ambot): 2 Tunneling Claws. Experience: 3 - 215.

  • Stash: 25 credits, 1 laspistol, 1 sword, 1 bio-booster

    You can find the rules for the scenario at

    From atop the central building did Gamma-Delta-Mu-10 the Anomaly Protocol's work oversee. And to the humming of ancient machinery reactivating did the Pit of Sarkon echoed.

    And at dusk to the main gate was Gh-0u1 ordered to go while silently did Warfather Dez forward slink, in the shadow of ruined walls hiding.

    And forward screaming through the gate stomped Gh-0u1, Gamma-Delta-Mu-10's ire rousing.

    And to the Data-smith's arcane fire his bodyguards las-beam and bullet added. And though exhausted was Gamma-Delta-Mu-10's device, to the ground went Gh-0u1, fluids leaking its frame.

    But that the signal awaited by Warfather Dez was and out of cover leaping, in flame the stunned Anomaly Protocol he engulfed.

    And their companions' screams and moans hearing, around scrambled the last of the Anomaly Protocol, their weapons blindly firing.

    In the confusion forward stepped Dez, more fire pouring and more servants of the Skull-cog in their place pinning.

    Upon the Warfather came Gamma-Delta-Mu-10 and blood from each other the two drew.

    Rise did Gh-0u1 and onto the Anomaly Protocol his weapon unloaded and again their fire it drew away from Dez but again on the ground it laid.

    Flames now estinguished to help his master rose the para-skitarius.

    But futile was his gesture as Dez's sword deep sunk into Gamma-Delta-Mu-10 and then into him.

    And more fire onto the prone hulk of Gh-0u1 poured the Anomaly Protocol, the servitor finally disabling.

    But his wit kept one of their number and though jammed his gun, true was his aim and again injured Warfather Dez was.

    And bleading did the Warfather remember what had Arun and Mahela asked of him. Time he had bought for the Purebred a fresh and stronger assault to mount. And though at his pride it nagged, retreat did he.