Saturday, 25 September 2021

The Lux Umbra - Part 2

The Zhundak Family

Ekhrim Zhundak is the founder and proud owner of the Zhundak Mine of Gleamdeep. That most of the profits of the mine end up into Nirimos Sylai's coffers matters little to him. He knows he's just one pick strike from uncovering a rich vein of umbralith. "Wait and see..." is what he keeps saying, chewing onto his trusted pipe, to anyone questioning the wisdom of staying in the Lux Umbra.

His firstborn Davvid is in charge of the siftig and selection of the minerals mined by Ekhrim. Stubbornly loyal to his father, he too is sure their hard work will soon be rewarded.

Ekhrim's youngest son, Magnir, is still completing his apprenticeship. That he has not yet been allowed to prospect for umbralith on his own is frustrating him, for Magnir has no doubts that it will be him that will reverse the family fortunes.

The Zhundaks, like Godri Snorrisson, were made using old Night Goblin bodies, arms from the Empire Militia and heads from the Knights of the White Wolf. The mining tools come from an Organ Gun, while the pipe is from the Dwarf Quarrelers.

I've also added more rocky outcrops, done like the previous ones and clusters of crystals carved from sprues, like on the base of the Umbral Slitherling. The walkways are again done with coffe stirrers, cocktail sticks and decorated with banners and bucklers from the Dwarf Quarrelers.

The palette for everything was already well established, so I just had to repeat it.

With the Zhundak family and mine completed, I'm going to call a pause on this project. Between the tunnel walls, the settlement structures, Shattered Dominion objective markers and the mine itself, I have enough to play plenty of games without ever having to repeat the same board configuration.

I'll leave you with a gallery showing everything and all the characters I've made alongside the terrains. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

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