Friday, 18 June 2021

Animosity III, Da Warpath - Part 4

The Tunnels of the Lux Umbra

From the docks of Underside and Downside, to the settlements of Bilgebottom and all the way to the Halamar Mines, rumours abound about the deepest reaches of the Lux Umbra. It is said that, if one was to push deep enough, the roughly hewn walls are decorated with morbid and unsettling motifs that have nothing to do with the Iscarnethi style.

Some say they are the work of Mithridates Alti's undying servants, others whisper of even more unnatural artificers behind them. And yet, these rumours do not stop foolish fortune seekers to venture into those tunnels. For another rumour persist, spread by old prospectors. They tell of veins of softly glowing blue crystals criss-crossing the walls.

Many an edge alchemist call it Umbralith and will swear that is a kind of realmstone unique to the Lux Umbra, motes of magical energies from all the Realms brought over by the Catarhactes, melded and crystalised by Noctis' pull. Of its great and incredible powers, they can say nothing, as those few that ever returned from the depths of the Lux Umbra did so empty ended and as little more than raving lunatics.

This is the beginning of a subterranean Warcry board I will use to play my games for Animosity III. The walls are, very simply, squares of cardboard glued on square bases and decorated with the skulls from the Arcane Ruins kit and a couple of old Chaos shields. I then glued sand on the edges to protect the foam, sprinkled dried coffe grounds over smears of superglue to break the wall surface and scattered slate chips on the bases.

The mixture of corners, t-junctions and straight walls allows for plenty of configurations, ranging from a single large chamber to a network of tunnels covering half of the board.

To match the colours of the board, over a Grey Seer undercoat I used the following combinations.
Walls & Debris: stippled Celestra Grey, Nuln Oil wash, stippled Karak Stone
Tiles & Bas-reliefs: Incubi Darkness basecoat, Sybarite Green drybrush, Biel-Tan Green wash, Moot Green drybrush and hedge highlight
Veins of crystal: Ceramite White basecoat, Drakenhof Nightshade wash, Lothern Blue drybrush, Temple Guard Blue drybrush

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