Thursday, 3 June 2021

Animosity III, Da Warpath - Part 3

Laelanyel's Shroudmaidens

Light. The purest of lights. No discomfort yet.
Flames in sickly shades of unhearthly colours. Raging, whirling, cackling around another flame. Golden and furious.
The cackling flames close onto the golden one. They smother it.
A laughter, and the pure light gives way to deepest darkness.
In it, the golden flame plummets, dimming until only a charred gold rune is left.
Laelanyel woke up with a start. Only in a dream the light of Hysh would have not given her a pang of unease. Still, even in dreams it brough about revelations.
"Vorya! Slytha! To me!" her imperious whisper stirred the fog drifting through the crumbling palace. In a matter of moments it coalesced into the shapes of two she-aelfs.
"My maidens! Go and summon forth the Arh'khaladh! And send word to the Caengan's Magmahold. The trail of Aef-Grimnir is no longer hidden from me. We set off at once".
The Shroudmaidens nodded and vanished again into the fog. As they faded from sight, so did the sound of daemonic laughters from the Mistweaver's memory.

I said I would add models to the Shadowflames to make them into a campaign-ready Warcry warband, and here they are! Vorya is the Witch Aelf I got as a free model from my Warhammer store in December. Slytha is a Cauldron Guard that was laying in my bits box. Like the Shadowkin Stalkers, I've mounted them on whisps of fog made with wire and Greenstuff and swapped their heads for those from the Blood Bowl Elven Union team, but used faces rather than masks.

On Vorya I've also swapped one dagger with a Razor Flail from the Drukhari Wytches, so that I can use her as a Slaughtershade with Shadow Whip. Slytha, with her long spear, was already perfect to work as a Slaughtershade with Umbral Spears.

I decorated the bases with bits of cardboard and skulls, so that they match the ones used on the rest of the Shadowflames and then painted them in the same black and white palette with purplish metal I used for all the aelfs in the warband.


  1. A great idea and well executed as well, nice one!

    1. Thanks! I'm really proud of the whole warband!