Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Eclipse - WIP

Since Jake (Bruticus) launched the Eclipse competion I've been looking in amazement at some of the entries that have being popping around the web. They spurred me to think and rummage through my pile of unbuilt kits, but inspiration was hard to come by. The search, however, took me back to my Free Companies of the Gilded Hand, my AoS28 tribute to the classic Dogs of War range. So far I've churned out a few Companies, but never attempted to represent one of the alchemists that pay for their services. That's it...until now!

Kalyustar of the Gilded Hand

Once I had decided I wanted my Witch Hunter to be a wandering alchemist, I started browsing books, WD issues and the internet for cool ideas. When I opened the 8th edition deck of Magic Cards and went for the Gold Magic cards, I was struck by lighting. I wanted my alchemist to look like the wizard on the back of the cards.

I had some arms from the Battle Mage, including the one holding the bottle with the skull-like puff of smoke, and a Liberator head sitting in my bits box. Mask, vial and part of the cape were sorted, what I needed was an armoured body and a hood. I had no armoured infantry that could be put to use, but I had a full box of Empire Knights (last minute purchase before they disappeared!). Armoured body sorted, I then sculpted the missing part of the cape and the hood.

The wizard on the card has another vial hanging from his belt and I wanted that to feature too. Since Kalyustar is on horse I figured the best place to put them was on the horse itself. After all, how else would a wandering alchemist carry his tools and ingredients?

Blackpowder vials from the Duardin Thunderers and the Freeguild Handgunners (and a scroll with skull from the Flagellants, why not?) found their way on the rump barding and dangling from the reins and staff. The staff was the fiddly bit of the entire project. It was the one with the Twin Tailed Comet top. I didn't want a too obvious connection with the sigmarite cult (more on this with the fluff, when the model is done), but I wanted to keep the orb. In removing the Comet's tails I snapped the staff, but that was ok as I found it was too long and broke the flow of the model. Once the orb was on top of the shortened staff it still missed something, but I still had the halo I had clipped from the Liberator head (never throw away a still usable bit!)

Since I was at it I've also knocked together the banner bearer and musician for the Church of Sigmar's Retribution Militia. When I modeled that unit, Militia could not have them, but then Grand Alliance: Order came out and they were given a boost. Luckily, I had the crew from an Empire Cannon (another last minute purchase) ansd spares from the Empire militia and Flagellants. The good thing is, I can also use them as reiteneers for Kalyustar in AoS28 games!

I have a rather clear idea of what Kalyustar's backstory is, but I always refine my models' stories while I paint them, so you'll have to wait a little to know more about him...

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