Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Guardian's Network - part 2

Forward push

***File Y67-Vox/Pic Capture--SECURITAS: Adeptus Maxima-INQ:Quintus Severus***

***My lord I have developments to report. As instructed I've joined the Cult of the Divine Illumination. Their Magisters' preaching are complex and cryptic and I still don't have any evidence to link the Cult to the Guardian. However, the Cult is moving. At 12 hundred hours, cycle 0203.999, I've been asked to join a raiding party attcking Van Saar territory. Magister Silas led the party and he took the Ratskin Nobody and Brother Marc with him to move onto a ruined manufactorum.

I was assigned to another group, moving through ruins towards what the locals call the Shrine.

Deacon Martin had taken position high on Hab-block 22 to provide cover fire.

Newton Heath and his Skinnymen emerged from nearby structures and moved to bar our way. The renegade Techpriest Dalton was with the main Skymymen party, probably leading them on a tech-search as they rushed to secure a piece of machinery.

Silas' group came under fire as a Skinnymen emerged from the sewers.

Silas dealt with the threat in his usual over-zealous style, chanting praises to their Master and hacking the Van Saar infiltrator. The rest of his group moved to secure a still functioning cogitator in the manufactorum.

My group took position in the ruins and laid a suppressing fire attempting to slow Dalton and the Skinnymen headed for the Shrine. They reached it nonetheless.

As we stormed the Shrine, Brother Marc and Nobody doused Heath and his men with close-range lasfire.

At this point, the Skinnymen retired, leaving the entire area in the Cult's control. I will report soon on their activities in this area. Agent LVC, end of report***

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