Saturday, 12 January 2019

Of renegades... again!

After I converted some regular Space Marines into Renegades to add them to the models from Assassinorum: Execution Force I had promised myself to finish the work by adding five more Cultists so that I could deply two 10-men units. However, since I've been progressively loosing interest in large games, I kept postposing this work, even though I had a box of Cultists ready to go.
And then came Kill Team! The Chaos Marines and Cultists I had converted were perfect for it, but not enough to have a flexible Combat Roster. And the inspiration returned, leading to the addition of more Loreseekers to the followers of Marduk Fatebender.

I wanted to have a Gunner with Heavy Stubber and a Combat Specialist and change the heads to all models so they did not look identical to the others I had. Some Flaggelant heads and arms, Genestealer Cultist heads, a Palgue Monk sword, an Ork Heavy Shoota and ammo belt, a Scout Marine backpack and the axe head from the Chaos Terminator Lord and few touches of greenstuff were all that it took to get the look I wanted.

Since I was at it, I also put together some objective markers, mixing Chaos and Imperial bits.

Finally, I had an old metal Chaos Familiar and the miniature Lord of Change from Silver Tower going spare. Once put on some 40k resin bases they were perfect to act as markers for tactics effects or counters for Command Points.

In the meantime, Commanders has been released, giving me the opportunity to include Marduk Fatebender himself. However, the model I have is in Terminator armour. But guess what? In the bits box there was one of the metal Chaos Sorcerers released at the time of the 2nd edition Codex! It will soon get a lick of paint on itslef...

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