Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Guardian's Network - Part 6

Head Hunt

***File H79-Encripted vox-com--SOURCE: Mancunius Dome--DESTINATION: Spire Docks--SECURITAS: Adeptus Maxima-RT Tirpnitz***

Tirpnitz to Cobalt Snake...Tirpnitz to Cobalt Snake...do you copy? We need immediate assistance, head down. I repeat, head down. Over.

Head and XA-305 were in a warehhouse, questioning some hivers. I was searching the pumping station on the Rank Oats end of the Sludge Canal with Kasander. Over.

Then the Wyrd psy-sensed hostiles approaching. Over.

A group of Sumptraders was sneaking towards our position. Around Silo B45 a screaming fanatic disappeared in a ball of blue flames, while head's 'friend' moved for the warehouse. Over.

We sent head's servoskull to slow down the Sumptraders and fell back to the warehouse. Head took XA-305 with him and went to settle the score with his old 'friend'. Over.

And then a damn servitor gerked to life and poured plasma on head. The Sumptraders run past the servoskull, blasting away with their guns. Over.

Kasander psy-ordered XA-305 to drag head's body to our position in the warehouse. We were about to be outnumbered. The midget was taken by another of his delusions of greatness and made it for the servitor, scraming he would avenge his master. Over.

We gunned down a couple of Sumptraders. Over.

While the rest hung back in cover we retreated. Over.
We are falling back to headquarter in Moss Slide. Send down somebody. I don't want head to die on me, we still need his letter of pardon! Over and done.

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