Saturday, 1 April 2017

The Guardian's Network - Part 5

Infiltrate the Camp

Quintus stared at the statics in the pic-screen. The vid-captures he and his retinue had secured had been badly damaged by the sudden black-out. The few discernable frames showed a cawled figure raising to their feet what looked like a wretched beggar. Then a crowd gathered, staring in amezament at the now standing man. The cawled figure, meanwhile, sneaked away towards the Northern Sector. Severus cursed the cunningness of his former associate Lenk. The only thing left to do was to track the man down.

***File G84-Vox capture--SOURCE:Psy-bug, Host: Dexter, Underhiver--SECURITAS: Adeptus Maxima-INQ:Quintus Severus***

I'll tell you wha'! I'm glad that uphive fella disappear'd in the Northern Sector, now I've me workshop all back to me. We was crossing Sumptrader's territory, we was all spread out, groups of two. I was with tha' navy dappa, Balthasar.

An' then, old Bull and his mates show'd up, pretty piss'd at we gettin' through without permission. They spread out, blokin' the way an' poppin them guns. Wha' d'you expect? It's Underhive law! [ADDENDA: Dexter failed to see the connection, what a simpleton! The Sumptraders were covering the retreat of our quarry. They must be clearly in league with the Guardian...INQ: QS]

We shot back, you know how is it.

Three of 'em Sumptraders gang'd up on tha' big servo. Bad idea! Man, how they scream'd when the thin' turn'd on its choppa!

The 'Traders heavy and a few more of his mates were smarter, playin' targetin' practice on the Wyrd and the little hugly scribble.

The navy dappa push'd ahead. I hung back, an' glad I did! One bolt got him, the other was lookin' for me, I bet!

The uphive fella got the drop on Fishgutter. Smash'd he pretty good with tha' big hammer of 'im. He was tryin' to leg it, but Bull catch'd up.

T'was the right' time to mind me own business, you know, so I left 'em there. I took 'em were they want'd, didn't I? [ADDENDA: You did, scum bag. Your little turn-face it's something I'll deal with once this investigation is over. INQ: QS]

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