Sunday, 23 April 2017

Free Companies of the Gilded Hand - 1

Now that Kalyustar is done it is time to give him a retinue of hirelings. They will be the unit leaders and heroes of my growing army of the Gilded Hand. They will all be based on the classic Dogs of War, whether actual models or illustrations from the 4th edition Army Book and White Dwarf supplements. Of course, besides the individual models I'll use in AoS28 games, I'm also going to work on the rank and file models. But don't worry, every model will be at least kitbashed. And now, let me introduce you the first Company to join Kalyustar.

Lucius Scopos and the Venithyan Marksmen

Lucius is based on the Maximilian Damark model. I've used the standing legs, a torso and pointing arm from the Empire Cannon kit and the head with the largest hat from the Freeguild Crossbowmen. The right arm comes from the same kit. Originally, the weapon on the shoulder was a handgun. I've clipped the barrel and replaced it with the stock and bow from the repeater crossbow. To his belt, I've added a pouch from the Duardin Thunderers and a dagger, again from the Freeguild Crossbowmen. I think the kitbash pretty much captures the feeling of the original model.

The Marksmen are similarly inspired by the Marksmen of Miragliano and are kitbashed with bits from the Freeguild Guard, the Freeguild Crossbowmen, the Empire Militia and the last head I had left from the Empire Cannon.

You'll notice that I've given the musician a drum (Crossbowmen have pipers in their warscroll), replicated the stance of the banner bearer and mixed armoured and unarmoured torsos and bare heads with pot helms and leather caps. What I haven't replicated are the feathers. That's because I've decided to keep all feathered heads for two more Companies I've planned.

As always, fluff will come once they're painted...

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