Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Guardian's Network - part 3

Alone in the Dark

***File F68-Datascroll--SECURITAS: Adeptus Maxima-INQ:Quintus Severus***

***Rumours of a recent 'miracle' linked to the Guardian reached Inquisitor QS on the early hours of cycle 0216.999. By thirteen hundred hours, the Inquisitor and a selected escort reached the Shambles, apparently the site of the miracle. As soon as the retinue tried to push through the underhivers crowding the local market, gun shots rung and the power went down. Darkness and the rush of the panicked crowd scattered Severus' retinue. [ADDENDA: this pattern of creating panic is consistent with Lenk's belief that humanity must be tested under the most straining condition {REF: Isstvanian Doctrine}. I suspect he was responsible for the sabotage. INQ: QS].

Servitor XA-305 and local recruit Dexter found themselves a few meters away from each other, close to a hydro-processing plant. XA-305 remained there, securing evidence in the plant bar facilities. Kasander the Delphite and Rogue Trader Tirpnitz were pushed further, towards Silo B-45.

Inquisitor Lenk's men were similarly scattered, trying to regroup through the darkness.

Tarkloth and Fishgutter moved to secure a piece of machinery abandoned by the crowd. A moon-masked bounty hunter stepped onto Dexter's sights. In spite of the darkness, the ganger gunned the hostile down. Lenk himself secured potential evidence in an abandoned shop.

The plasma failure of Lenk's floating servitor provided enough light for Inquisitor Severus to reach the area and download vid-captures from a secutrity device.

Recordarium Itzhak also made it to the area, charging Fishgutter in an attempt to wrest the machinery from the ganger. The heroic scrivener engaged in protacted combat with the ganger. Only the intervention of not one, but two of his companions prevented Fishgutter from being dispatched.

Balthasar Tirpnitz opened fire on Lenk's men to support Itzhak. Tarkloth went down, but gang leader Lensen felled Itzhak while Fishgutter returned fire.

The Rogue Trader went down, but Kasander, shielded by psychic illusion was able to secure another recording device.

Severus run for the shop were Lenk was still searching for evidence. Realising the odds were against him, Lenk grabbed what he could and called for a retreat.

Valuable evidence has been collected. Inquisitor Severus is currently analysing the data stream. Recordarium Itzhak, end of report.

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