Thursday, 16 February 2017

Quintus Severus' Retinue - 4

Dexter, Itzhak and Kasander

I've been busy, both work- and hobby-wise, lately. I've managed to complete a hiveganger, an Inquisitorial menial and an Astropath, and I've started work on some more henchmen. But without any further ado, here you have the completed models.


A techy of some renown, Dexter owns a small workshop in the Moss Slide sector of Mancunius Dome and regularly offers his services as a Heavy to the local orlock gang known as Santiago's Tugs. He was offered a place in Severus' retinue to provide local knowledge and an operational headquarter. Dexter did not think twice about accepting the offer, especially since the shrewd Inquisitor offered him access to the PDF armoury uphive. A shiny new plasmagun and a few more priceless trinkets were indeed well worthy the annoyance of having the workshop requisitioned.


Kasander hails from the Delphos Confraternity, a smaller order within the Astra Telepathica. Its members hide their faces behind gilded masks and replace the Astra Telepathica badge of office with an Asp, symbolising the flow of time, which the Delphites aim to master, through the study of ancient history and the scrying of the future. With his usual rational attitude, Severus denies any rumours that he keeps the Astropath with him as Kasander saw the last living moments of the Inquisitor through the veil of the Warp. Yet, a faint light glimmers behind Kasander's mask every time these rumours are voiced.


A malformed midget, Itzhak serves Severus as Recordarium. Cyber-engineered to plug with two servoskulls, he instantly transcribes their vid-captures into reports. He thinks of himself as the most important member of the retinue, tasked with the sacred duty of recording Severus' exploits for posterity. While the other henchmen barely suffer this attitude, Severus secretly laughs at the midget, knowing that his only function is to prevent the servoskulls carrying locator beacons to float away as bullets start flying.

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