Friday, 3 February 2017

Quintus Severus' Retinue - 3

Balthasar Tirpitz, Rogue Trader

Balthasar Tirpitz hails from a long line of Rogue Traders, his licence dating back to the aftermath of the Age of Apostasy. Unfortunately for the flamboyant Rogue Trader, one of his joints with Eldar Corsairs came under the attention of Quintus Severus. Rather than facing judgement, Tirpitz helped the Inquisitor in capturing the Xenos leader. Ever since, Tirpitz's ship, the Cobalt Snake, has carried Quintus to the farthest corners of the galaxy. Still able to operate some of his lucrative businesses, Tirpitz is however trying to keep his profile low, alas the Inquisitor finds out who his trading partners are. Of course, a rough fatigue and worn feather instead of flashy velvets and plumage is not enough to fool the grizzled Inquisitor. But it serves Quintus well that Tirptiz still keeps connections with Xenos and breakaway humans, especially when he's planted psy-bugs across all the decks of the Cobalt Snake.

A simple kitbash using Space Marine Scouts, the old Imperial Knights and Militia and a few Cadian/Space Marines bits.

The waist-and-leg joint was a bit too rough so I covered it with a sash. At the same time I took in some advice from euansmith on Ammobunker and added a bionic-eye.

I've rushed the paint job as I wanted to submit the model in time for the Ready Your Retinue deadline. Alas, I failed to meet the deadline, but the rough paint job gave me an idea about who Balthasar Tirpitz is and how his relationship with Quintus Severus works.

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