Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Lost Tablet of Phos Campaign: Game 2

To Find the Tablet

"Didn't I tell you so?" standing on an up-turned pot, Steve was sticking his chubby finger into Skargat's belly. "The orruk shaman led them to where the Tablet is!
The Tyrant shuffled his iron-shod boots uncomfortably.
"And keep your pets away from my pots!" added the halfling bashing an inquisitive grot's head with a ladle. "Or you'll find them in the next stew!"
A muffled laugh came from the nearby ogors.
"What are you laughin' at, you lot?" Skargat's backhand knocked an ogor unconscious. "Move! There's a sandstorm comin' and a few orruks to bash!"
As the Ironforged marched forward, Skargat hung back, just outside the building where they had made camp.

Was the Tyrant nursing his wounded pride or was the heat playing tricks on him? Ste couldn't make it out as the Rotmoons came into view. The halfling turned to his Kitchen Crew. "Right lads! Let's give these big boys some cover!"

A Fellwater Troggoth and the Rotmoons' Meneater slit from the orruks and headed for the ogors. The boyz made it for the building where Skargat was still, inexplicably, lagging back.

As the Meneater unloaded his pistol on the Ironforged, the Troggoth charged forward. The ogors lost one of teirs, but under a rain of hot soup managed to disengage from the Troggoth and move forward.

Skargat finally recovered his senses and bursting out of the building slammed onto the orruks felled a good few with some well-placed axe swings.

Running away from the approahing sandstorm, Steve and the Kitchen Crew risked getting too close to the Troggoth. Yet, the brute run for the ogors. It looked like the orruk Warboss had instructed it well, thought Steve upervising another soup shot that got rid of the Rotmoons' Meneater.

With a bellow, Kaptain Alunzo charged Skargat, freeing the boyz to chase after the Ironforged.

The Troggoth catched up with the Ironforged, but as the sandstorm closed on them, the ogors tought better to rush for the Temple of Shemlek than to fight.

With the sandstorm raging around them, the ogors took shelter among th fallen pillars. Hours later, as Steve had told, they found the Tablet buried under the Temple's central stone.

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