Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Welcome to my War Room

Chronicles of a hobby butterfly

There is no point denying it, I am a hobby butterfly. Put it very simply, I can't focus on long term projects and constantly move from one thing to another. If nothing else, I'm obsessed only with Games Workshop games, which saves me from the headaches of moving between too many settings and rule sets.

Hero Quest was the first ever GW game I sat my eyes upon, on a now distant Christmas night in 1989. The year after Space Crusade found its way under the Christmas tree and from that moment on I was hooked. To be honest, I couldn't fully enjoy the modelling and painting side of the hobby until many years later, when I was finally able to get a house big enough to have a dedicated hobby room. This blog will be the story of what happens in that room.
So, as a welcome to you my dear reader, I'll take you through a tour of what I have started to affectionately call the War Room.

First of all, the work station. They are not in the picture, but the two bottom drawers are full of bits. Well, what do you expect after 27 years in the hobby?

And then, the gaming table! Here with ruined buildings, hills and forests that a bunch of friends have built over time. That's a 2x1.2 metres board, so slightly bigger than the average 6x4 board.

The good thing is, the board is made of four sections, so it can be split into two smaller tables. The sci-fi terrains are for games of Necromunda and while I love them, I haven't made them, but a gaming buddy needed to clear his hobby den, so they found a house at mines.

I also have another two boards. One was built by my group of gaming buddies to play Mordheim. Before the End Times it was known as Vercuso, a port town on the Sartosan coast, and you can find plenty of battle reports set in it on Flame On and on Tom's Boring Mordheim. In the Age of Sigmar, the town is known as Duskheaven in Shysh, and it already saw some violent clashes between my armies and Warboss Kurgan's Ironfang Orruk Fleet.

And then, there's the only board I have done completely by myself. The ruins of Phos a once majestic seat of knowledge in Hysh.

Warboss Kurgan and me have just started a mini-campaign in Phos. It will be our own prologue to the coming Season of War, so be prepared to see some battle reports.

What else can you expect? Well, it all depends on what models and ideas catch my attention. For now I'm going through the content of Assassinorum: Execution Force. Then I have Silver Tower waiting for me. And there are also the always expanding Free Companies of the Gilded Hand. I've blogged about this mercenary army on Tales of Sigmar, so head over there if you can't wait for my next post here!

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