Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Lost Tablet of Phos Campaign: Game 1

The Lost Tablet of Phos

Deep into the Sands of Revelation laid Phos. In all the Realms, no city was as blessed with wisdom and knowledge, as the Hyerophantis Order toiled in its granite temple and recorded the knowledge glimpsed from the light of Hysh on stone tables. The city was first lost to Nagash’s armies and then pillaged by the roaming hordes of Chaos. Yet, it is said that one last Tablet is still hidden in the sand swept ruins of Phos, one that holds secrets so powerful they could turn the tide of the Realmgates War. It is Skargat’s Ironforged Ogors that the Gilded Hand Elders have entrusted with retrieving the Lost Tablet. With it, the Gilded Hand’s Free Companies will have the power to retake the lost Venythian outposts from any interloper, or so it is believed.

The Obelisk's Secrets

"Get movin' you scum!" bellowed Skargat, bashing his axe flat on the neck of the nearest Ogor. "The hoomies said something about reading some stuff on the Obelisk of Tahaluk. The sooner we get there, the sooner we'll get some new pieces of iron for our collection!"

Shaking his head, Steve 'Seagull' sneaked away to find a high spot from where to survey the ruins. He couldn't understand why the Elders had assigned him to Skargat's expedition and he made no effort to hide his dislike for the ogors.

"Chief! Over there! Orruks!" shouted Kamog "And it's really good steel they wear!"

"And they're headed for the Obelisk...good, we'll also get a few extra suits of armour! Charge lads!"

As the Ironforged rushed forward, the flashy orruks spread wide to encircle the ogors.

From his hiding place, Steve rained arrows in the melee, while Skargat and his lads bashed and cut left and right. The orruks couldn't stand the Ironforged stamped and where soon sent realing from where they add come.

From the distance, Steve spied the orruk shaman intent on studying the Obelisk's inscriptions and then running away laughing gutturally. The Ironforged held the battle field, but maybe they had been to late?

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