Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Thy Soul to Keep, Part 3

Clash in the Mist

Through the woods Kalyustar ran, the din of battle growing dimmer as the Red Mist muffled all sounds. 'The Hurricane Bell! There lies safety, Soulchemist!' this time the voice came through forcefully, a scream pushing against the unnatural frenzy that still threatened to seize the wizard.
The skull cliffs suddenly loomed over him. The eerie voice still ringing in his head, Kalyustar took the stone-carved steps two at a time. Once on the platform, well above the roiling Red Mist, the wizard's mind finally cleared and he took in the scene below him.

Both the Raidho Othalas and van Toorn's mob had scattered, unable to find each other in the mist, but still in the grip of unreasonable battle lust. Of the spirits that had fought them, there was no sight.

The air above the Hurricane Bell twitched, as if sucked into a Black Void that for a fleeting moment appeared at the edge of Kalyustar's sight. And then, next to the W├Ârtbaders, he caught a glimpse of red and yellow feathers and swirling cloacks. How could have Fernando and his men come back?

The Mist thickened again, aetheric shots rung through it and the Kharadron fell on the humans. Among the duardin, now fought a massive warrior, clad in sigmarite armour.

Can you feel it, Soulchemist? The energy pulled in by the ground around here. Draw it! Indeed, it felt as if sorcerous energies had started to flow around the Hurricane Bell. Kalyustar latched onto the stream and directed it at one of the duardin. In the blink of an eye, the duardin aged and then collapsed, as if time itself had been stolen from him.

The oaths of vengeance of the duardin mate and van Toorn's curses drawned a malevolent laughter in Kalyustar's mind. It was then that the wizard realised what was amis. He only had a chance, even if it meant facing the duardin and van Toorn down in the Red Mist.

As Kalyustar stepped down the Hurricane Bell, both duardin an human turned their pistols on him, the Red Mist hanging thick around their heads.

Suddenly, time sped up once again. In a rush of wind, the Red Mist vanished, and the duardin with it. A baffled van Toorn stood facing Kalyustar. In the distance, the last clashing of swords and hammers echoed as the two warbands felt the weight of years gone by.

"Hold, Witch Hunter!" cried Kalyustar "Can't you see? That Mist, and now this Void. They answer to the same master, one that is better not named. Would you let His work go unchallenged, just to see me tied to a stake?"
Van Toorn esitated, giving Kalyustar the chance he needed.
"He seeks what lies beneath these skull cliffs, for it gives great power. Let me help you secure it for Sigmar".
At that point, the voice returned. Is this what you really want, Soulchemist?

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