Friday, 10 November 2017

The Harrowmark Run, Finale

Tower of Screaming Death

"In the name of Sigmar, stop where you are!" the order, so unlikely in the accursed gloom of the Harrowmark, sounded through the air as a white feathered arrow wistled close to Kalyustar and his captains to tunk onto a gnarled trunk. A grim figure emerged from Wortbad graveyard. Three ragged militiamen escorted him, weapons at the ready.
"You are looking for the orruks, wizard" he said, zweihander levelled toward Kalyustar "But not to deliver the God-king's justice. You have been tainted by this land".
Kalyustar's men shuffled uncomfortably around the wizard. They knew there was some truth in those words, yet they were bound to Kalyustar.
"In fact, Herr van Toorn, we are looking for you" replied the wizard, only half-lieing "The Gilded Hand Elders still need your services. We've been sent to rescue you and your men".
"This, we will see" came the Witch Hunter's reply "Now, we have to stop the orruks. They're headed back to their hideout, the Freebooter's Tower, with their prize. We have to stop them before their clumsiness brings further grief to this land".
"Then we can not linger, much is at stake".
"Indeed, wizard. But keep that in mind: I'm watching you. Any sign of treason and your life will be worth less than those of the orruks".

Singing crude shanties and shouting at each other, the Ogresuns were making their way to the Tower amidst gusty winds and squally showers. Wailing and moaning, the Hordshal's Host also appeared, ready to block their path. The Freeguild mercenaries advanced, a rain of crossbow bolts felling the greenskinz' vanguard.

"Karol, Lucius! Hold the orruks! Fernando, with me!" ordered Kalyustar. van Toorn nodded and led his men on the wizard's trail. A crew of grots ducked the incoming crossbow fire and shouting obscenity engaged the Marksmen.

The Hordshal cavalry pressed hard for the Ogresuns moving to bar the entrance to the Tower. The White Lady split from them and drifting above the ruddy mist came to exact her revenge on Kalyustar. One of the Fencers counter-charged to protect the wizard.

Dark, Shyishan energies swirled around Kalyustar, but this time they were of no help. The White Lady's sword darted and the wizard was unhorsed.
"So is the unfaithful repaid" muttered van Toorn "Men, stop the Vampire killing him. He must answer to a higher power".
Silver bullets and arrows hit the gaunt figure moments before van Toorn and the militia fell on her.

With Kalyustar no longer able to lead them, the Fencers turned to support Karol against Salty Ogbad. As the spectral cavalry still hold the orruks outside the Tower, Jorge rushed inside.

While the marksmen were still pinned by the grots, the Hordshal's spectral hosts assaulted the Tower. The hexwraiths rode over Whalebelly and moved to circle the rest of the Ogresuns.

Jorge braced himself, ready to sell his life dearly. van Toorn and the White Lady fell on each other's sword, giving the common soldiery a chance to shovel the unconscious bodies of the wizard and witch hunter away from the fight.

A chilling scream heralded Jorge's demise. As the ghosts swarmed inside the Tower, Salty Ogbad called for a truce. Eyeing the orruks with suspicion, the Marksmen nonetheless lowered their weapons.

As one, orruks and humans assulted the Tower, sending what ghosts they could back to the Underworld they had come from. The rest of the Ogresuns lined up to stop Lyrd Radclyffe from reaching the Tower.

But it was as if nothing could stop the Ryders. Not even a well placed hail of bolts prevented them from riding throught the orruk line and then trampling Salty Ogbad.

In a last ditch attempt, the Marksmen charged the Ryders. Ghostly schytes flashed as the ghosts in the Tower repelled the last militia man. The winds blew triumphantly. The Harrowmark was still firmly in the grasp of Nagash's servants.

In the pale moonlight, Kalyustar came to his senses. van Toorn still laid unconscious next to him. Of the Freeguild mercenaries, there was no sign. For a fleeting moment, his thoughts lingered on the idea of draining the man's soul and ridding himself of the Church of Sigmar's attentions. Yet, men like van Toorn could have their uses when having to survive in the Harrowmark. The wizard turned to tend to the Witch Hunter's wounds.

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