Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Harrowmark Run, Part 6

Artefact of Ultimate Power

The cold mist coiled around Kalyustar and spread from him to envelop Karol's Cuirassiers. Something was amiss with the wizard, but the stoic horsemen kept their unease to themselves. The trio spurred their steeds forward, the Gilded Hand infantry half a mile behind them. 'They would keep up' thought Kalyustar 'Or the woods may well take them'. He could sense the Shiyshan wyrdstone beckoning to him, from a clearing just past Wortbad. He had never felt so attuned to any kind of wyrdstone before and the only thing he wanted now was to seize it. And if this meant sacrificing the mercenaries, so be it. It was a little price to pay for the power that laid ahead of him

As Kalyustar and his escort galloped through Wortbad, the dawn gloom was pierced by the faint glow of the Ordshal's Host cavalry materialising out of the Rose & Scythe, their mistress directing them from the inn's balcony. Raucos taunts hailed the pale horsemen, the Ogresuns pressing forward past the village's Dreadfire Portal.

Kalyustar felt a vibration in the magic filling the air, and then the White Lady appeared close to the ship cargo he had been tracking for so long. Salty Ogbad's shouts from the Dreadfire Portal matched the wizard silent curses in frustration. The orruks seemed to fear their boss more than the White Lady and started to make for her. Her servants rode forth, ready to intercept the greenskinz.

"Karol! Stop the wraiths! Let me and the orruk deal with the Lady!". Bolts of coruscating energy darted at the Lady as the Cuirassiers sounded the advance and opened fire. Cheering, the orruks prepared to fell on the Lady.

Lucius' Marksmen made it to the battle, but their quarrels were of little help against the Hexwraiths. Riding over the Cuirassiers, Lyrd Radclyffe prepared to avenge the slight on his Lady. With contempt, Kalyustar dispatched his squires. Then the spectral knight was on him.

The White Lady, robbed of her escort, was soon surrounded by raving orruks. The greenskinz kept charging in, trumpling over their fallen comrades.

As a large host of spirits flew out of the Rose & Scythe, Esteban's pipe marked the arrival of the Fancy Fencers. Still engaged with Lyrd Radclyffe, Kalyustar ordered them and the Marksmen to cut of the Lady's reinforcements.

Noisey William, what little brain he had left, reached for the Inn, leaving his Lady to the attentions of Salty Ogbad.

Kalyustar finally blew away Lyrd Radclyffe with his magic. He took in the scene around him. Salty Ogbad battering at the White Lady. Mister Whalebelly charging in to support his captain. The White Lady turning to red mist around the orruk's cutlass and drifting away.

With his men still fighting the spectral host there was little he could do. Even with all of his magic, the two brutes were too much for him alone. He ordered the retreat, leaving the orruk captain to gloat over a price he was not meant to seize.

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