Sunday, 17 September 2017

Free Companies of the Gilded Hand - 6

Aldrik the Young, Castellan of Iridiumspire

Aldrik is the first Freeguild Hero I'm adding to my Free Companies. This time around I just worked with the bits I had without trying to replicate any of the classic Dogs of War models. I had the Freeguild General kit and I'm planning a Freeguild General on foot to accompany Fernando's Fancy Fencers, the Venithyan Marksmen and a few more infantry units. So, the mounted general was the perfect opportunity to give some support to Karol's Cuirassiers.

This meant that Aldrik needed a pistol. I had one in my bits box attached to a satchel, from the Pistoliers I think. I clipped away the satchel and handle and glued the barrel to the Freeguild General's arm holding a mace. I also gave Aldrik a banner since I intend to use the General on foot as my army general in larger games, and a Stately Warbanner is definetely a nice addition. Because I want my Free Companies to look as mundane as possibile I swapped the angel of death banner for the banner from the Imperial Knights. I've choosen the skull with laurel top as it perfectly matches the laurel and skeleton on the horse crest. Finally, since I'm keeping the General's heads for my unit champions, I've emebellished a Freeguildguard's head with the feathers from the same kit.

As I was working on Aldrik I've also built the rest of Karol's Cuirassiers, as planned using the Imperial Knights bodies and the feathered helms and pistol arms from the Freeguild infantry.

I'm still working on the details of Aldrik's backstory, but meanwhile you can (re)read that of the Cuirassiers here.

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