Thursday, 3 August 2017

The Harrowmark Run, Part 4

Seize the Relic

"You're saying that that was the last extra gold you had?" Fernando's voice was full of spite.
"You know the rules, wizard. No gold, no fighting" added Karol pragmatically.
"But the ship journal is clear! The vessel we tracked had to dump the cargo because of a storm and gives precise directions as to where they dumped it" replied Kalyustar, knowing full well there was no such thing as precise directions in the dread of the Harrowmark forests "You'll get double pay once we secure the Realmstone!"
"Sir, what the other captains are trying to say is that, perhaps, we could do with searching that graveyard we just passed by. The men will surely appreciate the opportunity to earn their own money."
If even Scopus, the less questioning of his liutenants was on their side, there was no chance. Bitterly, Kalyustar had to give in.
As the Gilded Hand columun started to backtrack, the wind rose and thunder broke. Another storm was approaching.

Kalyustar and Karol were opening they way through the tangled boughs, the Fencers and Marksmen close behind.

Lightning criss-crossed the grey sky, their glare revealing the Ogresuns moving in a column and making haste to the other entrance to the graveyard.

"Forward men! You'll have to fight if you want your gold!" shouted Kalyustar spurring his steed forward, Karol hot on his heels.

The two made for the central square of the graeyard and felled Dredger Zug in a hail of bullets and magic. The Fencers and Marksmen rushed through the entrance, the narrow alley slowing them down.

Undaunted, the Ogresuns charged forward. Salty Ogbad split from the main column and slammed onto Kalyustar, his Grot lackeys shouting encouragements. The orruks closed onto the Gilded Hand infantry, pinning them into the tight confines of the alley.

Without the space needed to bring all their numbers to bear, it took some time and a few losses for the Fencers to break throught the greenskin wall. As they managed to break through a terrible chill fell on them. Both Kalyustar and Karol were laying unconscious at the Warboss' feet. Without a word, they charged.

Fernando and his men fought brilliantly, parrying, fainting and hitting back.

But alas, Salty Ogbad was not to be undone. Lucius and the last standing Marksman had approached and dealt with the Grots, but at this point the only thing they could do was runnning away.

As they crossed the graveyard fences, the power of the crude fetishes hang on them vanished and they were lost in the raging storm.

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