Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Sal's Ford Connection - Finale

Free for All

***File J86-Vox/Pic Capture--SOURCE: Classified--SECURITAS: Adeptus Maxima-INQ:Quintus Severus***

My Lord, the situation down at the Sulfured Quays has changed, dramatically I would say. It took me some time, but here is what I've managed to piece together. About 5 cycles ago, in the early hours, it transpired that the sump schooner of the Scuttlers had lifted anchor during the light-off period, but rumours persisted that a small number of them were holed up in the Rad-Cliff Zone. Magister Silas hastly put together a party and took us there to investigate and possibly capture one of the elusive creepers.

Magister Silas was leading some of us in a search at ground level. The remaining Brothers were on the higher levels to provide cover.

We were turning any possible hiding spot upside down, but up to that point had no luck. Suddenly, gun fire rung as the brothers on the gantries pinned down a small group of Skinnymen. Apparently they had had the same idea as Magister Silas, but like us had found nothing.

The Merkzy Banda also showed up, levelling their guns at us on ground level.

Silas order us to keep our ground and repell the Merkzy Banda. Please, my Lord, note how all the vid-captures I managed to take of the Magister show him slightly blurred. I fear that, whatever he seized after our latest engagement with the other gangs, must be some sort of device interfeering with my recording devices.

Brother Jude pushed himself to the edge of the gantry, continuing to fire against the approaching Skinnymen. The return fire sent him plummeting down.

The Merkzy Banda recovered from our initial attack and their heavy fire forced us to duck for cover.

The situation had become untenable, so we slinked away. As we were leaving the area we realised both the Skinnymen and the Merkzy Banda had come under attack from the Scuttlers. However, while the Van Saar retreated, the Merkzy Banda hold their ground. Since then, a sort of peace has come to the Sulfured Quays and nobody, not even Pa'smond Massoonan has challenged the Merkzy Banda hold on the Rad-Cliff Zone. Of the Scuttlers, their sump schooner and cargo nothing has been heard. I await further instructions. Agent LVC, end of report.

[ADDENDA: I must have misinterpreted the Tarots, it is clear that the new comer shown there were not simply the Scuttlers, but the Merkzy Banda also. I have to know if the two groups came to some sort of alliance. The deart of reports about the Guardian and the simultaneous silence from Pa'smond Massoonan also suggest there might be a link between the two. Finally, I've run the blurry vid-captures of Silas through some spectrum scanning. Indeed the Magister is surrounded by unusual light frequencies, but they do not match those of even the most esoteric, Mechanicus-approved devices. This new situation will require a closer investigation. Thanks to the Emperor, I've fully recoverd and I'll be able to carry it out personally. INQ: QS]

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  1. Just recently stumbled across your blog, really enjoyed these Necro/Inq28/Munda battle tales. Excellent terrain too.