Sunday, 2 July 2017

The Sal's Ford Connection - 3

Of rescuers and creepers

***File J84-Vox/Pic Capture--SOURCE: Classified--SECURITAS: Adeptus Maxima-INQ:Quintus Severus***

My Lord, I have to report some serious developments from Mancunius Dome. It seems that not only the Scuttlers are moving, but that colleagues of yours have taken an interest in the area. But let me proceed with order. After the Span Yarders' attack against the Cult of the Divine Illumination, Magister Silas' managed, I don't know how, to locate the captured members of the Cult in Rank Oats, on the way to the Pit. The Span Yarders had put up a well patrolled perimeter.

We approached in two groups, taking what little cover the crumbling manufactorum walls could offer. Two of us mugged a first sentinel, while Deacon Steven freed Brother Peter.

The two moved forward, preparing to fall on the sentinel watching Nobody from his back. We duck back into cover, and from there shot down the Span Yarder patrolling the walkway above.

That was the signal for Deacon Steven. He bathed the other sentinel in prometheum, finished him off with his knife and freed Nobody. But the commotion was too much and Span Yarder reinforcements moved in, their boltguns blazing.

Steven and Peter went down but managed to crawl in cover. Nobody, with typical Ratskin's skill, legged it putting as much distance between him and the pursuers as he could.

We also started to backtrack, bolt fire raining on us from the gantries above.

Then we found we'd been surrounded as the Span Yarders' leader and his personal bodyguard emerged from a derelict hab-block along our escape route.

Yago summoned his wyrd-fire and blasted the bodyguard, but he left himself open to the leader charge. He must have had some sort of anti-wyrd, psy-weaponry because Yago turned into a bubbling idiot and we were overcome by an unnatural dread and had to fall back.

[ADDENDA: This is indeed Inquisitor Faziel. What in the Emperor's Name is he looking for in Mancunius Dome? INQ QS]

Nobody was still pursued, but he spotted a safe path around a huge industrial vehicle. Magister Silas immediately followed the Ratskin.

The Span Yarders couldn't catch him but in running after him they gave us wounded a chance to sneak away safely.

My Lord, I'm sure the Span Yarder leader is an Inquisitor. I've seen the effects of your gear, and the ones he was carrying did exactly the same. How am I to act if we run into him again? Please instruct me. There's more I'm worried about and on which I'll need your orders. It seems that, as the Skinnymen and Merkzy Banda met to exchange prisoners, they then clashed over some pieces of discarded tech scattered in the area.

That would be nothing special in Mancunius Dome, if it was not that the Skinnymen, even if having the upper hand, had to retreat as, apaarently, they were attacked by shadowy figures moving on spider-like mechanical limbs.

These can only be the Scuttlers. They are moving, my Lord, but it is still not clear if they've the permission of Pa'smond Massoonan to operate in the Sulfured Quays. Agent LVC, end of report.

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