Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Harrowmark Run, Part 2

Vortex of Power

While recovering, Kalyustar went over the latest events. He had recognised the orruks as the infamous Ogresuns and the undead as the accursed Ordeshal Host. That they were, clearly, after the same wreckship was a problem. He was not yet prepared to face this kind of enemy, but the sudden eruption of a hurricane of Shyishan winds could give him some more tools. While he was channeling the hurricane's power, his men spread around, ready to intercept any interlopers.

An imposing Wight King emerged from the nearby ruins. In a mockery of its former life as a servant of Khorne, he ordered its minions to claim the wizard's skull. A slavering undead wolf bursted out of the woods, falling on Lucius Scopos. One of the Fencers counter-charged to assist the marksman, but the spiteful woods claimed him, leaving Lucius at the mercy of the wolf.

The Haunted Gate flared to life, unsettled by the raging hurricane. The men nearby were ravaged by its energies. Karol the Cuirassier, just brought in by Kalyustar, levelled his repeater handgun at the Wight, but couldn't stop the revenant's charge. The undead wolf launched itself on Kalyustar.

'There will be more gold!' shouted Kalyustar, glad he had taken plenty of wyrd-gold with him. Nothing better to find hidden reserves of courage in his men. As expected, Esteban, the only survivor of the Gate's blast, bravely charged the shambling deathrattlers. Kalyustar then fulminated the wolf and steared his horse to put the hurricane between himself and the Wight King, silently screaming in triumph over the fallen Karol. Undaunted by the swirling magical energies, however, the Wight charged Kalyustar.

But the wizard was prepared. Drawing more power from his cursed scroll, he turned his opponent into a glemaing gold statue. Pleased, he checked if Esteban was still holding back the skeletons and resumed his ritual. Then, the statue crumbled and its dust, carried away on the winds, reformed in the Wight's shape at the feet of a rocky outcrop.

It was no time for heroics. Continuing to recite the enchantment's words, Kalyustar spurred the horse around the raging hurricane.

Now safely away from the Wight, Kalyustar finally managed to tap into the magical vortex. Words of power seared themselves into his mind, together with a distant, disturbingly cold laugh.

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