Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Harrowmark Run, First Interlude

Clash at Dawn

From atop a crumbling platform, Pieter von Toorn took in the malignant immensity of the Harrowmark. He had lost any sense of time, of how long they had been there since the Deadwalker horde had overtaken them, the Nachtjägers and the last few yards of hallowed ground in Wortbad. He had found some members of the Church of Sigmar's Retribution and with them had fought countless skirmishes against the fell servants of Nagash, but still could not find a way out of that thrice-cursed forest. Thanks to the powers of the ruin he could see the Darksuns in spite of the pre-dawn darkness. They had already clashed before and now they stood on the only partly open route between him and the small party he had sent scouting ahead.

He spotted a hellhound and skeleton that had been separated by the other Darksuns. Climbing down from the platform he joined Brother Speak No Evil and made for them. Meanwhile, Wilhelm Glaübig and Brother See No Evil charged the larger Darksuns group. Brother Hear No Evil, blinded by the darkness, failed to join them.

The Darksuns surrounded the Warpriest and Brother See No Evil, while another hellhound fell upon Brother Hear No Evil. Froathing curses, Brother Speak No Evil also charged the isolated hellhound. Soon, he was the only Flagellant standing and Glaübig found himself badly outnumbered.

Pieter was rushing to the warpriest's aid when the holy man was dragged down. As the Deathrattle turned to close on him, Pieter muttered a prayer to Sigmar, even if he was starting to believe the God-king had abandoned them.

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