Friday, 21 July 2017

Free Companies of the Gilded Hand - 4

Fernando's Fancy Fencers

Fernando was born shortly after the Realmgate Wars to a mid-ranking alchemist of the Gilded Hand. His father had grand plans for him and traded many of his discoveries to secure a place as apprentice for his son. But alas, the young Fernando was much more interested in the pleasures that the brothels, drinking and gambling dens of Venithya could offer. It was in these places that he learned the art of fencing and built his reputation as a troublemaker. Kicked out of the Gilded Hand for the many embarassement he brought to them, he joined his companions of debauchery Esteban and Jorge on a successful career as hired sword. As prosperity was returning to Venithya, so did rivalries between wizard and merchant houses and it was easy for the three to find employment either as bodyguards or killers. Soon, they had a following of young men, eager to join them in the lucrative business and in the lavish parties they threw at the Laughing Maiden. The Fancy Fencers were born, yet the older Free Companies still frowned at them. Then Fernando's favourite courtesan mysteriously disappeared. It took the Fancy Fencers months to discover the ring of masked cultist responsible for it. Worse still, their leader was Fernando's father. Bitter about the failure of his son to enter the Giled Hand Inner Circle, he had resolved to claim that place by himself, even if that meant trading his soul to the Chaos Gods. Fernando did not care about gods, but he wanted his vendetta for the young woman his father had taken from him. He waited until they congregated in the palace he had called home and with the help of his companions killed every one of them. The Gilded Hand, freed from the cancer growing within them, set Grundok Ironfrown, the Elder representing the duardin, to reward Fernando and his men. Ever since those days, they proudly wear the bucklers the Runelord forged for them and have gained the respect of all the other Free Companies. But still, those that favour them the most are the wrenches and scoundrels of Venithya, cheering everytime the yellow feathers of the Fancy Fencers and Esteban's piping announce it is time to have a decent party to forget about the darkness outside and within Venithya.

The start of our Skirmsh campaign was approaching fast, so I only painted the five models I needed for my warband. The other five are right now on the painting desk, but I'll spare them to you.

As I did for the Venithyan Marksmen, I've replicated the colour scheme of the original Regiment of Renown, Vespero's Vendetta. Since they had no feathers I was free to choose the colour for them and, once again used yellow. This way the Fancy Fencers remain distinct, as a regiment of mercenaries should be, while still showing their alligiance to the Gilded Hand.

Meanwhile, I've also started working on my next Free Company, Karol's Cuirassiers. I'll have them ready soon, especially since my warband has already grown and I wnat to add some cavalry.

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