Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Sal's Ford Connection - 2

New men in town

***File J83-Vox/Pic Capture--SOURCE: Classified--SECURITAS: Adeptus Maxima-INQ:Quintus Severus***

My Lord, the situation is escalating, worringly escalating. Pa'smond Massoonan's continued silence over the Scuttlers is acting as a free-for-all licence. The Scuttlers have so far not been seen around in large numbers, nor creating any problem, but the established gangs are more and more nervous. Minor clashes have erupted in most drinkholes around the Sulfured Quays. What I'm more concerned about is that the voices of Massoonan's silence are attracting troublemakers from far afield in the Dome.
I had placed vid-bugs at the Skinnymen's hideout. The Van Saar had moved there with their archeo-loot and I wanted to be ready if they mounted a retaliation against the Cult of Divine Illumination.

But the Skinnymen where attacked by the Merkzy Banda, well equiped troublemakers from the wreckage of the old UMIZT settlement near the north edge of Mancunius Dome. Rumours abound of the Merzky Banda being funded by an outside source, House Delaque, Van Saar… some even say House Helmwar itself.

Their leader, the self-styled 'PoostGrad' apparently for having trained at some Ad-mech facility, infiltrated the Skinnymen's hideout and went on a rampage.

He diverted enough Skinnymen from the Merkzy's raid target. A ganger with a rather sophisticated plasma weapon blew up the Skinnymen's water still.

The explosion demaged my vid-bugs, but I've heard the Merkzy Banda captured some of the Skinnymen.
The Cult of the Divine Illumination has also been attacked by newcomers, a bunch of religious fanatics from Span Yard, up north in the Pit. The Cult had retreated to their main base of operation and were not ready for an attack, most Brothers just minding their own businesses and a smaller group away on a patrol. I was with the patrol and had left spy-skulls in the area.

The Span Yarders approached under cover of the dismissed industrial vehicles and structures.

I suspect the Inquisition is behind the Span Yarders, my Lord. Their leader seemed too well equipped and versed in warfare for an Underhive preacher. Once he was almost within the Cult's base, he sprung a perfectly timed attack.

In a matter of second, the Cult came under a rain of fire and most of the Brothers were pinned.

Magister Silas shouted a few orders and the Brothers were able to stop the enemy leader in his shelter.

But then the Span Yarders charged in.

The patrol I was with heard the commotion and rushed back. We managed to take a couple of the attackers down.

It was too late, anyway. The Span Yarders had completely wrecked the base and made away with the Ratskin Nobody and Brother Peter as captives.

Magister Silas is preparing for a rescue attempt and I've been included among the attackers. If, as I suspect, we'll find the Inquisition in Span Yard, how should I have to act, my Lord? Should I compromise my cover? Agent LVC, end of report.

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