Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Sal's Ford Connection - 1

Fight for the Water Still

***File J82-Vox/Pic Capture--SOURCE: Classified--SECURITAS: Adeptus Maxima-INQ:Quintus Severus***

My Lord, I'm finally understanding why locals say that nothing good comes out of Livid Pools. These Scuttlers, creeping around on their spider-like limbs have stirred quite some rumours. That Pa'smond Massoonan has not yet made his voice heard makes things even worse. Every gang is sure their rivals are about to trade with the Scuttlers whatever they brough up from the Sump. In fact, the sudden acquisition by the Skinnymen of a water still and a stash of archeo-loot have been immediately linked to the newcomers.

The turf war between the Skinnymen and the Cult of the Divine Illumination [REF: File Y67] had subsided, but these rumours immediately reignited it. Magister Silas selected a raiding party for a hit and run attack on the new Skinnymen's possessions. I was not selected, so I sent in a spy-skull. Yago the Wyrd and Brother Jude were set to create a diversion, threatening the archeo-loot. They stayed in cover and drew grenade fire at them.

But the real objective was the water still. Silas, Deacon Martin and Nobody the Ratskins planned to destroy it, but they too were pinned by the Skinnymen's fire.

Brother Thomas, left behind on high ground, rebalanced the situation, pinning the Skinnymen with his sniper fire.

Magister Silas took advantage of the respite and charged into the water still building. His men advanced behind him, offering covering fire.

With the guards locked in combat, Nobody and Deacon Martin moved to get a clear shot at the water still. Yago and Brother Jude, meanwhile, remained in cover and continue to draw fire at them.

Skinnymen reinforcements moved in from nearby areas and laid low Yago and Brother Jude.

Magister Silas had cleared the building's ground floor, but his men where taken down by another party of incoming Skinnymen reinforcements.

He called for a retreat and all the Cult's members made their escape in one piece as Brother Thomas sniped at the pursuing Skinnymen. I've heard that a Skinnyman has been killed outright by Silas and I fear retribution won't be long in coming. I'll update you soon. Agent LVC, end of report.

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