Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Guardian's Network - Part 7

Supply Drop

***File L73-Vox capture--SUBJECT: Intelligence gathering session--SECURITAS: Adeptus Maxima-INQ QS***

Don't worry, old friend. You're unarmed. The dizzyness and lack of short term memory is a small side effect of the psy-shackling. I'm sure you understand and won't mind Kasander here to keep the psy-shackling tight while we have a little chat. But first, I imagine you'd like to know how we have come to this. Last you remember I was being dragged away by my men, I suppose. Well, suffice to say that Confessor Tull brought enough med-supplies from Uphive to restore me to full health. We then meet again in Broken Dock. Apparently valuable information had been placed, by unknown operatives, there. You and your men had a headstart on us and had alreay checked a few data points.

I was onto another one, like you without much success. My men were fanning out to investigate the remaining ones and cut some of your isolated operatives from the theater of action.

Confessor Tull located the information in a barely functioning data-lectern. As is the wont of most preachers, he had to praise the Emperor for his discovery in his booming voice, alerting you of the find.

You displayed some remarkable skills at coordinating your men and we came under heavy cross-fire. However, I managed to get to the lectern.

Your men kept their safe position in cover and continued firing, to good results, I must admit. They left only me and XA-305 standing.

Then, your rashness proved your downfall. You charged straight into my hammer. Your men, to their credit, came to the rescue rather than turning tail and fleeing.

You should be proud of them. I wasn't expecting a bunch of hive scum like them to charge somebody they could not match. They did not fare well, as you can imagine.

I left XA-305 to finish the work, secured the data and brought you here. And now, you're going to tell me everything you know and were planning about the Guardian.

Wait...what's that noise? It looks like your men are trying to mount another rescue. We'll continue once I've thought them one more lesson.

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