Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Quintus Severus' Retinue - 5

Ministorum Delegation

I've been juggling with quite some work in the last few weeks. Nonetheless, I've managed to add two more men to Quintus' Retinue: Gerard the Crusader and Confessor Ian Tull.

Confessor Ian Tull

Confessor Tull is a firebrand orator. Towards the end of M41 he led countless masses on every civilised world across the Ultima Segmentum to confess their sins and join him in a crusade of repentance. The number of Frateris Militia following Tull had began to be a serious concern for Imperial authorities when Quintus Severus found a better use for them. A xenocidal crusade against the Orks of Octarius would have covered the Inquisitor's operation in the sector perfectly. Tull embraced the plan, sure he would have replicated the successes of the likes of Solar Macarius and Sebastian Thor. Yet, the Confessor only saw his rag tag army mauled by the greenskins. Ever since, he has grudgingly followed Severus, awaiting for the occasion to once again lead the righteous in the name of the Emperor.

Busy as I was, I forgot to take WIP pictures, but the shotgun holster, gown and right sleeve are sculpted from GS.

Gerard the Crusader

The bastard son of a feudal world Governor in the Ultima Segmentum, Gerard was raised by his father's captain of the guard and eventually joined it. Consumed by ambition, he joined Tull's xenocidal crusade against the Ork empire of Octarius, hoping to carve his own kingdom on one of the liberated planets. There he met Quintus Severus. It was on Gerard's ambition that Severus played to secure the man's skills at arms for his retinue. Needless to say, the Inquisitor has no intention to keep up his promises to support Gerard in claiming his father's seat. Yet, Gerard is blinded by his own dreams of greatness and still unquestioningly follows Severus many years after the first met.

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