Monday, 19 December 2016

The Architecture of Mancunius Dome - 2

Warboss Kurgan and I have decided  to run an Inquisition-flavoured Kill Team campaign in the new year, which means we need more terrains. While he's working on some walkways, I've started on some pipes and other scatter terrain using salvaged drainage pipes and a few assorted bits.

I also had the negatives of the battlement walls I had done for Hab-block 22, so I've used them to do a defense line kind of thing.

They were painted using the same techniques and palette I used for Hab-block 22.


The polysterene base I did for the broken pipe melted down when I primed the piece. I guess the coat of PVA glue and sand was not thick enough. Anyway, I replaced the base with a 50mm square base that, once painted as concrete looks perfect.


Together with Hab-lock 22 they are enough to cover a 2'x2' board.

The terrain pieces at the back of the picture were done years ago using bits from the Manufactorum, the Basilica Administratum and the Battlefield Obstacles. The plan now is to build a few more ruins and obstacles that will match these pieces to better cover another 2'x2' board.

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