Thursday, 8 December 2016

Hallow'd Ground - Game 5

Cut Off the Head

As soon as the mist that had been the Necromancer disappeared in the distance, men and orruks alike started to turn into Deadwalkers even before they were killed. Lothar ordered a retreat and look for shelter in the Forest of Tears. There, defended by his dwindling retinue, he studied the tome uncovered by Friederik and found the solution. The blood of heroes can lift the curse. He offered some of his to stem it, at least temporarily. He needed more, however, and he was determined to have it from Fängmorder.

The Church marched out of the Forest of Tears, throwing spiteful glances at the scene of their last defeat, the Rose & Scythe Inn.

The orruks had hidden in Deathwatch Manor and as soon as they spotted the Church approaching came out screaming, the boyz heading towards the Spirit Gate.

Both warbands rushed forward, eager to sink their blades into the hearths of their enemy's leaders.

Sharpbeak darted ahead and ravaged the hulking Mönch, but the Black Orc Big Boss shrugged off the attack and cut down the Gryph Hound. And as always, as soon as the fight started, the Deadwalkers came forward.

A small group attacked the rear of the orruk lines, but where swiftly put down.

In a flash of light, the crossbow boyz emerged from their travel through the Spirit Gate and amidst deafening Waaagh! cries joined the Black Orcs and a bunch of zombies in the assault against Lothar and the Militia.

In the Pumpkin Field, Avram was ambushed by more Deadwalkers, leaving the duardin exposed to Fängmorder's charge. Wilhelm and the Penitent Brotherhood run to help the embattled Unforged, but they too were slowed down by the Deadwalkers.

With the entire Militia butchered by the Black Orcs, Lothar was left alone to fend against the boyz and Deadwalkers.

With a triumphant bellow, Fängmorder cut down Avram. The warboss couldn't bask in his victory as the vengeful Brotherhood fall upon him. Yet, the flagellants could not take the orruk down.

As Avram fell and the Brotherhood failed to lay Fängmorder low, Lothar knew hope was lost. He smashed through the boyz' grot mascot and run for his life.

Luckily for him, even in undeath, his men continued to fight the orruks.

Their sacrifice would be avenged, he swore to Sigmar.

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