Thursday, 17 November 2016

Hallow'd Ground - Game 3

Into the Zombie's Lair

What Friederik's griphs had found was not a cursed artifact stirring the dead back to life, but just an ancient tome. Lothar spent an entire day poring over its crumbling pages, hoping to find a clue to his quest to rid the Harrowmark of its curse and possibly locate Nagash. The book told of an ancient Necromancer, his mansion and of the realm of terror that had spread from there in ages past. Was the Necromancer back? They had to investigate the mansion, but to do it at ease they had to steal a march on the orruks, even if that meant travelling at night.

As the sun was setting, the Church of Sigmar's Retribution prepared for a long treck.

Jacob Finster split from the main group and moved towards Deathwatch Manor.

Lothar muttered a curse as the orruks stomped into view. It seemed impossible to avoid them, even at night. And now they were reinforced by a gang of hulking Black Orcs.

Ludvig Mannhaft led the Penitent Brotherhood to meet the Black Orcs while Lothar ordered the Militia to stop the boyz.

The orruk Shaman rushed into the courtyard of Deathwatch Manor while the warboss and the crossbow boyz moved to bar access to the building.

In the growing darkness, the orruks sprang forth and crushed most of the Church men before they had a chance to land a blow.

The Penitent Brotherhood fared a little better and some Flagellants survived the initial onslaught, just to see their fellows rise again as Deadwalkers. The Militia, and Jakob who had run to support them, fell to the last men.

But suddenly the boyz were swamped by the reanimated militiamen.

Ludvig and Sharpbeak joined the fight against the Black Orcs.

They too felled and more Deadwalkers rose. Lothar had to reconsider his plans. Better to retreat and find a way to the Necromancer's mansion while the orruks were bogged down by the Deadwalkers.

As the Excelsior Warpriest and a few battered survivors backtracked, the manic laughter of the orruk shaman rung from the top of Deathwatch Manor. What had the orruk found in the arcane building?

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