Sunday, 4 September 2016

Season of War Week 3

Might of Monsters

With Adm'rul Kurgan properly beaten and the Blackrock Gate firmly held by the Grudgebrekers, the Rotmoons had vanished from Ghyran. Gudrun had ordered to repair the demage inflicted by the Rotmoons to the outposts in the Blackrock Dale. Then a missive from the Golden Rifles, another mercenary warband Gudrun had crossed path with, reached the duardin captain. The Golden Rifles had clashed with the Rotmoons in the Harrowmark of Shyish. Apparently, they now had gargants fighting with them. A grudge being a grudge, Gudrun decide it was time settle the score with Da Leeva. "Ishmael!" boomed the duardin "Summon Olde Blue Eye! We go hunting orruks, and they've some big fellas with them!"

It took the Grudgebreakers some time to track the Rotmoons in the bleak Harrowmark, but finally they had cornered them in the small village of Wortbad, their lines bolstered by a lumbering and very drunk gargant.

Gudrun, the Stokers, Ishmael and Olde Blue Eyes, its thick shell sticky with rotten algae, formed up on the opposite side of the square held by the orruks.

Gregorius Pecker and the Deck Crew were covering the right flank, hoping to get a good enfilade angle to shot at the gargant.

Ishmael advanced, directing Olde Blue Eyes towards the incoming orruks.

The Stokers advanced into the Rose & Scythe gate.

Another mob of orruks came yelling forward, and the Stokers decided to mount a defence at the Rose & Scythe gate.

Pecker and the Deck Crew, meanwhile, found themselves slowed down by the ghostly inhabitants of Wortbad.

Seeing they would be dealt with piecemeal, Gudrun ordered Ishmael to send Olde Blue Eyes back and slow down the Rotmoons with his lighting bolts.

Yet, it was to no avail. The Rotmoons and their gargant closed in and got stuck onto Olde Blue Eyes.

Olde's chitinous limbs easily dispatched the orruks, but they did little arm to the raging gargant, buying time for the second Rotmoon mob to charge in.

Luckly, Gregorius and the Deck Crew had finally negotiated the haunted streets of Wortbad and joined Ishmael, pouring their fire into the melee.

At a single barked order by Gudrun, signalling out the gargant as a long time enemy of the duardin race, all the Grudgebreaker charged in.

But again, the gargant emerged unscathed and with a sickening crunch slammed his huge club into Olde's shell.

It was getting to a sticky end for the Grudgebreakers and Gudrun thought better to call for a tactical retreat. More drastic measures were needed to deal with that gargant.

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