Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Lost Tablet of Phos Campaign: Game 4

The Power of the Tablet

"They're coming!" cried Steve as he rushed into the Palace of Ramehelik. "Give me the Tablet, let's see if it can be of any use". Snatching the artefact from Skargat's hands the halfling rushed for the Palace terrace.

The ogors lined up in front of the Palace main entrance, ready to take the orruks' charge.

And then the Rotmoons were upon them, reinforced by a bunch of Fellwater Troggoths that had just emerged from the nearby Realmgate.

The combat raged furiously, the Ironforged smashing and hacking orruks and troggoths alike. On the Palace terrace, Steve frantically tried to crack the inscriptions on the Tablet. Their initial impetus spent, the Ironforged started to fall to the Rotmoons' overwhelming numbers. And suddenly, Steve devised the first syllable of the tablet incantation. On a voice not of his own, he chanted the ancient spell and a wave of rippling light washed forward, repelling the Rotmoons through the Realmgate

As the blinding light faded away, Steve realised they had won. The Tablet was theirs and the orruks were gone. But, with its power used, was the Tablet still worth to the Gilded Hand Elders?

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