Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Lost Tablet of Phos Campaign: Game 3

The Chase

The halfling and the ogors had reunited at the Temple of Shemlek, as planned, to decide who would carry the Tablet to safety.

Suddenly, a guttural taunt boomed through the ruins. Kaptain Alunzo and his Shaman El Doctoro were striding purposefully down the sand-swept plaza in front of the Temple. Not far away, the Rotmoons boyz piled through the pillars of the Gate of Mahalik.

"You better split up and run! I'll try to slow them down" snapped Steve while notching an arrow onto his master crafted bow. "Skargat! Remember that I've lost my men in the sandstorm! You better make their sacrifice worth!"

With the Warboss and the Shaman hot on their trail, the Ironforged rushed forwards.

On the other side of the Temple, Skargat felt safe with his precious cargo, when suddenly the heat shimmers in front of him coalesced into the shapes of the boyz that had crossed the Gate of Mahalik

Bellowing, the orruks charged the Tyrant.

Skargat swiftly dealt with the mob and moved to rejoin the Ironforged on the edges of ruined Phos. The Tablet was almost safe.

And then, bullets whistled by as the Rotmoons' Meneater jumped out of his hiding place.

The grots that had laid in ambush with him fell to the befuddling influence of the mystical monument.

The Meneater charged Skargat just as Kaptain Alunzo and El Doctoro caught up with the Ironforged.

The combats were brief, but with the boyz recovering from the Tyrant's bashing there was no other choice than to mount a last defence within the walls of the Palace of Ramehelik.

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