Thursday, 28 July 2016

Season of War Weeks 1 & 2

A Clash of Battlelines

Ever since the Realmgates War ended, the Gilded Hand Free Companies had claimed the Black Dale. In the middle of the valley climbing to one of the minor doors into Greywater Fastness, the Stoneivy Arc led to the plains around the Adamantine River in Chamon. Through the Arc, minerals mined inside Greywater Fastness flowed to Venithya to be exchanged for chamonite steel tools enchanted by the Gilded Hand alchemists.

It was good trade, until the siege begun. Rumours of every door into Greywater Fastness being under attak had reached Blackrock Dale, but there Gudrun had to deal with the immediate threat of the Ironfang Orruks. For days, their crude cannons had hammered the Free Companies' outpost, and now the true assault had begun.


Gudrun knew they cannot hold for much longer, until reinforcement from Venithya could be brought in, so he ordered the Penitent Brotherhood to sneak around the orruk lines and reach Stoneivy Arc. If they could not sneak around, the crazed humans were more than able to smash their way through.

Meanwhile, Ishmael was leading the Deck Crew in a sortie to silence the one cannon that had got in range of Greywater Fastness' gate.

One of the Rotmoons mobs moved to bar the way to Stoneivy Arc. Crying their devotion to Sigmar, the Penitent Brotherhood charged headlong.

The Flagellants smashed their way through and made it for the Arc.

As the Deck Crew finally managed to press forward and pepper the cannon with their quarrels, Gudrun was crossing cutlasses with Kaptain Alunzo.

"Parley!" shouted the duardin captain. With a growl, the orruk warboss took a step back. "Let's sort this according to the code, will you? You name your champion. Tomorrow, at dawn, he will sort this bloody matter with our champion. What'd ya say?"
"Yarrrr! Tomorrow at dawn!". As the orruk retreated shouting orders, his toothy grin didn't promise anything good.

A Champion Emerges

At dawn, the orruk chanting resumed. A single word rang through the Dale.
"The git!" spitted out Gudrun. "He brought in the Adm'rul himself. Roight! Cargo! You deal with him!" A muffled grunt, perhaps a laugh, was the notoriously silent ogor's reply.

The two armies lined up around the rock where their champion were trading anchor and cutlass blows.

Both champions were already bleeding from countless small wounds, when Cargo managed to latch his anchor around the hilt of Kurgan's cutlass and open up his guard. An headbutt and a forward stab was all the ogor needed to fell the massive orruk.

Shouts erupted on both sides and the two armies charged forward.

Unloading their pistols, Gudrun, Cargo and Gregorius Pecker led the Deck Crew into the Rotmoons' centre. If they could eliminate Kaptain Alunzo they might finally break the siege.

On the left, the Stokers and Ishmael took position on a narrow cliff and were able to hold off the outnumbering orruk reinforcements.

Buoyed by his victory on Kurgan, Cargo took on Kaptain Alunzo and his retinue. Alas, the trickery of El Doctoro marked the dismissal of the ogor.

An enraged Gudrun charged in. The ogor might have been unpleasant, but he was one of the best hands on the Grudgebreaker.

Unexpectedly, the orruk fall back. What treachery were they up to now?

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