Friday, 29 July 2016

Assassinorum: The Assassins

And after another month, the entire contents of Assassinorum: Execution Force are fully painted!

I have always loved the classic Assassin models and their paint scheme. Even if I had already painted a classic Eversor in the traditional black leather, I decided to stick again to it for all the new sculpts. There's something in the black leather that speaks of hidden menace to me, and I didn't want to miss on that feeling. Plus, painting black is easy! For the details I went for brown leather on the belts and straps, greens and blues as spot colours on cables, grenades and phials, white for skull helmets and masks and a touch of gold on some of the weapon details. So, all in all, not a paint scheme that will call anybody's attention, but that's the point about Assassins. You don't want them to be spotted until it is too late, right?

The Vindicare

The Eversor

The Callidus

The Culexus

You are probably waiting for some fluff for each of them, as I always give a bit of back-story to my models. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but not this time! As the most hidden and secretive weapon at the disposal of the High Lords of Terra, it is only fitting that they remain an unfatomable presence. The only thing you will know about them is that they have struck, as the dead count mounts...

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